Elusive Target #2: THE STOWAWAY (Reactivated 23 September - 3 October 2022)

I think if they were gonna cut and run on elusive targets in general they wouldn’t be doing them in H3 at all, recycled or not.

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I’d love to be wrong. But…I doubt I will be.

IOI has said they’re making Elusive Targets for Hitman 3. The pessimism is unwarranted. There may not be many ETs for the new maps, but there will be some.


I feel like the realistic worst case scenario is we only get 5, one for each new map except for the final one.

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I feel the pessimism is kinda warranted or at least not surprising, since explicitely new ETs were only mentioned in a podcast, but not in any article or post via the regular channels like the website or Twitter. Add to that the announcement of “changes to the formula” that did not materialize so far …

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I guess the changes are just for the new ETs and aren’t being retrofitted to the older ones.

Yeah, I’m assuming they meant for the new ones since the old ones are identical. Also the suits for the new maps are given out a different way, which could be part of the change.

Knowing video game development I’m sure they killed themselves getting the game out and need some time to do new content.


I’m not surprised at all, to be honest. The day they released the first roadmap in February there were posts on this very forum about how there would never be ETs for the Hitman 3 maps. People are naturally pessimistic, It seems.


The internet proved that long ago. Either naturally pessimistic or addicted to being mad.


I wish there was a new suit to unlock

I bet April will give us the first new ET. With the deluxe escalations being done at the end of this month i feel like the next big thing on the roadmap is a new ET.


I threw the man out of a window and he landed semi-safely just knocked out :joy:. I didn’t even notice he wasn’t dead bc I was too busy picking up the voice recorder. Then a guard noticed him and went to wake him up. I heard their conversation and so I just used the silenced uzi to undo the mess I had made. I was able to walk away and exit the mission. Everyone will know it was not an accident though and there was one collateral life. After shooting them and being certain I could make it out I left the Uzi on the window sill for cool points.


You’re right it’s up to me if I want to play for the second time but it seems a bit ridiculous to kill him again

Doubt me all you want, it was posted on here with an interview conducted with IOI :+1:t2:


Of course I fail the easiest ET ever.

Propane tank only knocked him out, restarted it, server gave a “cannot start contract”.

FAILED :rofl:

Back to MGS V, I told myself no H3 for a while.


Failing any ET in H3 is like

Sequence 04_3


Man, how were you all playing ETs when that phone wasn’t in the game.
Somehow you were, I’m sure.
Time to revive yours pre-phone skills

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2x breachers and fire extinguishers, of course… :smile:


To be honest I miss second BC much more than that phone.
Used it only one or two times while it was in the game

I’m not sure I ever actually used the electrophone on an ET, would be a bit of a waste tbh. It’s just more of a joke at this point

What skills? :wink: