Elusive target Appreciation Thread

HITMAN Elusive Targets Mode is probably one of the best things implemented into those new games, offering us a pack of quality targets with different objectives through all the game maps :+1:

The short time window and the only chance to get your target has brought some thrill, stress but also fun while completing each one of those missions.

Not only that but it allowed to the Hitman community to share a variety of playthroughs with sometimes spectacular and outstanding kills :ok_hand:

However while it’s an interesting concept that should be kept on HITMAN 3, i think that there should be a few tweaks for this mode, especially concerning the previous and already completed targets:

  • Instead of keeping all this previous content locked online, give to the players the possibility to replay all previous targets through Special Assignments.

In that way all the work put behind those targets (which represents a non forgettable part of the game) won’t be wasted and unavailable to play :+1:

Putting all the Elusive Targets as Special Assignments would be a smart move from IOI and would allow the players for more content and replayability on this final sequel :slight_smile:

To conclude, here are my favourite Elusive Targets so far (H1&H2):

#1: The Politician (Hawke’s Bay) :heart:
#2: The Undying (Miami) :ok_hand:
#3: The Stowaway (Isle Of Sgail) :100:
#4: The Entertainer (Marrakesh) :+1:
#5: The Serial Killer (Whittleton Creek) :+1: