Elusive Target Arcade Broken?

Is anyone else having the issue of the contracts showing up as failed while having never played them? I got home from work today nobody else uses my console and all 3 missions are marked as failed for me having never even logged on and in fact having just updated the game right beforehand.

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yeah i had the same thing aswell when the update was done

Same. I failed one contract but the other one showed as failed even though I never touched it. Hmm…

Some people have had success in clearing the incorrect Failed status by closing the game and reopening it a few times. Some have had success in just sitting on the Arcade menu for a few minutes. Others have had success launching them from the tile on the main screen, despite it being marked as failed.


Update: I restarted the Epic Launcher and it works just fine. thanks @thrison!

I went into game modes and selected arcade and was able to get 2 of the contracts to be playable. I thought somebody was using my account at first of something lol.

“So sorry, you no authorized for access.”