Elusive Target Arcade Crash menu

Hi , i have a problem when i enter to Elusive target Arcade menu the game error and go offline

Someone have the same problem?

People say, some mods can provoke this error.
My method to fight with it:
Once you see this error, exit the game.
Start it again and go straight to desired Arcade escalation (let’s name it that way).
Should work.
After you did a first round, this message can repeat itself. Just exit to game’s main screen and launch next part of desired Arcade. Should work.
Also you can address to IOI Support with this error.
But before doing so make sure you’re not using any mods. As I said above, mods can affect Arcade.
Link to support page:


I had this error too , but I did something else:
I hit ‘go to menu’ , then went online and I launched the escalation from the main menu. This way I didn’t had to restart my game after every stage completed.
What is interesting tough, it happened to me with the newest contracts, but not with the first three.