Elusive Target Arcade

Just played the new batch and realized that The Politician has appeared on 5 out the 6 batches of H2 contracts. Man, and I thought we were giving Murillo a hard time.

I agree that the SA should be added to the arcade, they feel like ETs anyway and it would give more variety to H2 contracts. I’m pretty confident this were originally supposed to be normal ETs but then decided to turn them into SA, just like what happened with the Patient Zero targets.

I also would like The Fixer to come back in the arcade, with an easy complication of course. I went for the easy route and used the cheese phone when he appeared on H2, so I would like to try something more fun creative.


Wouldn’t surprise me if they removed the additional fail conditions in The Fixer for the Arcade, after all you can kill The Chameleon by any method and you won’t fail like you would in the OG ET format.


Exactly, jusrt cut the bs, and let us kill him before he head to meeting with courier.

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No shooting weapons nor throwing objects could be added as a complication to force the player to get up close and personal with the Politician. They should also restore the insta-fail features in the complications for the first playthrough of any arcade while allowing optional in repeats.

They could also make it so that you have to do the complications I order to get the challenges/unlocks of that batch, that way players are encouraged to do the complications at least once.

Thinking about the idea of earning cumulative points per ET that carry over to the next one…

There could be 3, 5, and 10 targets. Maybe a higher number of playable (at once) ETs could be unlocked after earning so many points. I’m thinking of something similar to the Sniper Challenges. Yeah. Talking about grinding a bit. Or perhaps setting particular restrictions per target to meet a quota for advancement.

Let’s say you pick 5 targets that are all from the same area, such as Paris.
The Forger, The Broker, The Pharmacist, The Identity Theif, and The Paparazzo.

Next, you can choose Restrictions.

These could range from…

  • KO’s allowed (this is the default).
  • No KOs (instafail if any KO’s are made)
  • Limited KOs (then choose, 1, 2, or 3) 4th would be instafail
  • KO’s result in a -250 Point deduction, but hiding any bodies = +250 Points.
  • Headshots Only
  • No Loadout
  • Accidents Only
  • Use ______ (method) Only. They could be pistol elimination, lethal melee, fiber wire, poison, sniper rifle, etc. But this might not be a good idea since some methods may be impossible to use on certain targets.

So the restrictions/requirements could be worth small bonuses… How much? Well, there are passive restrictions like No KO’s. Those shouldn’t be rewarded. Maybe using Fiberwire or Pistol Elimination would give more. It’s about Risk vs Reward.

Speed Bonus? :thinking:

As I’ve said previously, For the first ET you’d get 1x (standard) multiplier.
For the 2nd ET, you’d get 2x multiplier and it’d be added to your previous score. And so on.

Although, such a system might need to have all the kinks worked out. Or it could be a matter of trial and error.

So I was playing The Cartes Blanches elusive target arcade, and not least of concern according to both twins being enforcers limiting any variable enjoyment of my gameplay, I’m only just now starting to notice how disgusting his hairstyle is.

Genuinely, no joke, the greasiest looking haircut I’ve ever laid eyes on. It only took me a good while to realise but it just looks… bad. If you do not know what his hairstyle looks like, let me refresh you.

Wtf how can you not only screw up your hair like that, but also convince your equally demented brother to also don the same hairstyle?! You being enforcers makes it bad enough, but to have that hairstyle tops all the right areas of yuck. Make it make sense, because I’m genuinely confused as to how that came about.


he looks like harry styles

Even more of a reason to abolish the hairstyle completely because it looks like absolute bong water.


or the shades they look cool

The parallel universe reference could’ve just been a false implication to keep Vidal from investigating further and potentially learning of the existence of Victoria. That information in the hands of Providence and Arthur Edwards would’ve been very bad.

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Possibly. Either way, it’s not literal; it’s a way for IOI to poke fun at Absolution and jokingly give the people who don’t like it an out for pretending it never happened. But it did.

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We still need resolution for Absolution not some cliffhanger. If parallel universe is indeed the case then might as well change the ending to show 47, Diana, and Victoria leaving the assassination business behind and settling together as a family.

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Hence, it wasn’t an alternate universe, Diana was just having a joke because the whole situation was far outside their usual fare. Not really anything to clear up about Absolution when you think about it: Detective Faulkner and Birdie are likely both dead, probably by some other agent as a freebie to 47 and Diana for saving them from Travis’s bullshit, and Victoria either threw her pendant into the lake in which case she’s dead, or she kept it and is living a normal life under a new identity somewhere.

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Birdie and/or Faulkner would make perfect elusive targets.


Hmm, never thought of that…

Its safe to say there’s not going to be any new ETs in general?

I could see 1 ET being planned for Ambrose with it being a free location everyone would have.

Other than that, probably not.


I don’t think there will be new ETs, not even on the new map. Heaven and the Bank didn’t got one when they were released so it’s likely AI won’t get any either. Most likely we will get an escalation.


Before we all knew what Santa Fortuna (or a South American mission) would be – I, personally, had a preconceived idea. And Birdie being an ET for this location fit so perfectly… But again, that was for what I was imagining the South American mission to be.

I was imagining something more desert-like (with lots of cacti) and a chapel of some sort in the area. Given that South American communities are typically Catholic I assumed this would be a given.

But since Absolution is considered non-canon by the IO devs… I guess we don’t need him as an ET. It shall forever remain a dream.

I once almost made a topic saying “What if Absolution were just a dream?” And it’d essentially be fantasies/desires and fears of 47. I could go on… But won’t.