Elusive Target Arcade

It doesn’t fit the consistent design aesthetic, no, but you can still see a very itty bitty Ruby Rude logo on the sniper there, so I guess that’s what qualifies it.

Maybe its part of their “actual camouflage” collection. :smile:


An actual Jaeger 7 RR would be in the same vein as the Sieger skin, Knight’s sniper design is just to give some character to the character

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Has anyone else noticed that The Twin now plays differently since the patch? The strat to snipe him from the pier within 10 seconds of starting seems to consistently trigger a target lockdown for me now, instead of just distracting the guard.

Sounds like ioi’s been watching YouTube. :joy:


Probably got mad the sniping strat made the complication on the Arcade contract with additional enforcers completely pointless since it was extremely easy to do it. :laughing:

Please excuse me for harping on this so much. And please pardon the MSPaint job.

Edit: (Oct. 17th, 2022) I’m going to dub this… Elusive Target Arcade - Freestyle

A better example of the free target select. You could pick 1, 3, or up to 5… I think there could be room for 10. Pick in whichever order you’d like. No repeats allowed. Once a target is selected they’ll have a red outline around them and be shown on the right. To deselect a target - highlight again and (select) to toggle them off.

The next screen (not made up yet) would have a list of complications you could choose from (if any).

Perhaps even a randomizer or ‘Roulette’ feature could be implemented.

No Loadout.
Any Method (on by default)
Melee kills only
Accident kills only
Poison kills only
Sniper kills only
All shots fired must be Headshots (firearms only, dart guns do not apply)
Hide All bodies (or) Hide all bodies except for accidents and poison kills
No KOs (or) X number of KOs.


After completing the 1st target/s you’ll get the standard results screen. Upon completing the 2nd and higher target/s your score will accumulate from the previous target and include a multiplier if all conditions (or complications) were met and if you earned SA.

This is the area where it might need to be fine-tuned. Like a certain complication might add a 1.5 score multiplier, or failing a (non-instafail) complication would be a negative multiplier (maybe?).

Whether you finish all the targets or die at some point - you’ll always get a final results screen with the total cumulative score. If you failed any target - that target will be locked for 12 hours.


I hope they add the ability to reset the arcade at any point, like escalations, i hate when i leave one,l half completed, then a while later i want to start it again


I like the idea.
Especially some of your complications. (mandatory sniper elimination, but it retains SA, let us have some fun IO). And the X number of KO (I imagine inspired by the Gluttony escalation) is something I really want to see be played with (maybe in Freelancer…)

But it won’t happen : this would be a one time release. Maybe like some update from time to time.
The ETA currently drives engagement, recurrent players.
And I think that it’s IOI objective here.

A way to play the stage without resetting would be good though.


Nice idea, in this moment i have feeling that every idea of fanbase is better than actually arcade.
But i dont expect big changes in format in that state of year 2 :slight_smile:


i feel like just having a tab in the menu to open up that menu and choose standalone targets at any time would be a great addition to the Arcade. Keep the escalation style for regular content drops but when it’s all over add that second tab you can click on to play a vanilla ET


@Tetrafish_21 this is perfection… Wait a minute… Waaait-a-minute?! The Deceivers were initially two separate targets?! Insert a i found the holy truth gif

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Count in The Fixer NOT being released in the Arcade until AFTER we’ve gone through the actual Elusive Target version thereby denying us the opportunity to practice in advance.

You don’t really need to practice to complete The Fixer tbh. It’s fairly easy once you’re made aware of what the fail conditions are.

Of course the Arcade version of The Chameleon removed the non-explosion accident kill condition and chances are that won’t be the case when the actual ET is released soon. A number of people used to playing without that complication could end up failing.


So The Chameleon Arcade removed the extra complication of needing to be an accident kill.

The Twins Arcade did not remove the “don’t harm other brother”.

Also knocking out the other brother counts as “harming” them. Dang. :slightly_frowning_face:

The Fixer isnt gonna be released in the arcade apparently. According to travis it doesnt fit the format

So no chance to practice The Fixer safely then? The Ex-Dictator also out?

That was an “at the time” thing. They are purportedly working on it to try and bring every ET into Arcade. The Ex-Dictator was the same, which was why it hadn’t even been released as a legacy in H2, and yet now it’s here in H3, meaning it can now join Arcade. The Fixer is the same. All they have to do is make it so knocking out the courier or killing the target before the diamond exchange is not an insta-fail. Considering other such requirements that have been disabled, that should be possible, just complicated. At best, if they ever release all ETs into Arcade mode, independent and in their original formats (which they’ll do if they have any intelligence at all), then they can at least release The Fixer at that point and just not include him with the multiple tier contract runs.


The Fixer definitely would’ve been ideal for a no pacification complication adding yet another insta-fail condition. Of course now complications are optional so its pointless.

They couldn’t slap “no pacifications” on it because you wouldn’t be able to get the diamonds.

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