Elusive Target Arcade

I hope for ET packs this week​:+1::+1:

I hope that April comes with new ETA. Personally, I don’t need a batch of three ETA every release with a specific unlock. We can have, I don’t know, four ETA spread over April’s weeks.

For example, for H2 ETA, the total number of ET is nearly reached.
A final H2 ETA batch could comprise: The Serial Killer, The Stowaway (only present in 1 ETA), The Politician (as The Revolutionary and the Appraiser have already appeared in the last three ETA). Do we need other ETA with H2 targets? I don’t think so, in order to prevent repetition. Maybe another one that features the Serial Killer.

Other H3 ETA can mix ET from the two last ETA, but we can’t expect much variation, as all the current H3 ET have been released under the form of ETA.

Only H1 ET (because they were a lot of them) are still “new” for future ETA.

Moreover, IOI’s website indicates among the upcoming changes that All ET Arcade Contracts will feature 3 targets per Arcade Contract. Does it mean that current 5-targets ETA are going to change to the new format? Or only the new ETA will feature a “3-targets pattern”?


Im hoping for the serial killer one and the warlord cause i want to get my revenge on that one


Finally beat one from the new batch and got the Striker V3. Seems kinda familiar though…


“As you know, I flew with this man Striker during the war.”


The Forger: SA SONKO w/FW


Only future ones will include 3 targets. The existing ones that include 5 will stay with 5.


Will there ever be remixes of H1-2-3 elusive targets? The mode is currently starting to suffer from the repetitive batches. We’re nearing the point where every H2 batch will include atleast the Revolutionary, Appraiser or Politician. And every H3 batch the Liability or Ascensionist. There’s a lot of potential in remixing a bunch across the trilogy. It will even make up for new imaginary storylines.


yeah it make sense because hitman 2016 had 1/5 stuff but hitman 2 and hitman 3 they had 1/3


Since they’re getting an overhaul it’s best the arcade scores are reset. Maybe reset the unlocks too.

Since they made them easier, meaning less restrictive, technically they made them faster, so no need to reset the leaderboards. If they make them harder, as in making it take longer to finish that contract by forcing complications, then that would need a reset.

But it’s the former, not the latter. So no need to reset. Everyone has the same opportunity to get a faster time.


What’s the best wat to deal with the revolutionary ? Such a tedious dude!
When he’s in the small shack close to the remains of à truck hè doesn’t even leave the place… seems buggy because I remember him going outside at some point.


Just use a remote explosive near the shack so he goes to “Target Lockdown” and then poison his drink?


After “Target Lockdown” he runs out of the shack and right through a puddle (that you can drop the ICA Remote Micro Taser in). Easy accident kill. Hardest part is getting him to spawn in that shack. Restart city. :joy:


If he is in that little shack, you can electrify puddle on path down to tavern. It’s next to fruit shop on square. Then send him into lockdown, and he will run into that puddle on himself, without any other guard. But don’t get spotted!

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Here you go. I’ve finally managed to capture a montage of dialogue for The Forger.

Elusive Target: The Forger - Dialogue

It was interesting that the dialogue is randomised and you will only get one of a certain batch of randomised lines on each playthrough. For example, he will only use one of the three lines in front of the painting of Napoleon. Even though his route takes him back there multiple times, he just stands silently in front of the painting on each return. You need to restart the mission and you’ll only get a random line on his first visit. This happened in a few locations and made it quite tricky to capture all of the dialogue because, for example, it takes around 8 minutes for him to get to that painting. Anyway, I have to say, given this was the very first elusive target it was a lot better than some of the other early ones which followed. I hope you all enjoy it.


If you choose to disguise yourself as Jason Portman in Level 3 of The Nebulae, DO NOT get the surgeon to remove the bandages as it counts as a disguise change and will result in instafail.


Using weapon lure to bring The Liability under the crane and dropping it on him was fun.

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You can get the bandages removed?!


If you see the doctor that Jason Portman is scheduled to visit on the third floor he removes them.

FYI: People that didn’t/don’t know this really hate that Featured Contract “The Portman Paradox”.



Oh, good to know. I’ve used the Portman story mission a few times but never waited long enough for this to happen… did not even do this in my “explore everything” VR runs

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