Elusive Target Arcade

It’s funnier if you’ve done the whole Helmut Kruger makeup bit in Paris, especially in the same playthrough. It’s essentially the same joke in a new context.


Does this count as a disguise change too?

Yes. It registers as a disguise change for some reason, even though you are still using the same clothing and identity, and the change can only happen by following specific events, not from finding a sack on the ground and swapping, so I dunno.


So once again Instafail in The Nebulae? I assume the failure happens just before the actual change to deny XP in non-ETA play?

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Upon failing, don’t bother pulling the plug instead of clicking exit. It don’t work, you’ll still be locked out for 12 hours, and you’ll feel really stupid. Which frankly you are and therefore deserve an additional 12 hours lockout for a total of 24.


Okay. The duo ETs for Sapienza. I think IO could… or should have some more of these multi-target ETs in 1 location. That is - if coding or paths and routines of NPCs would allow it.

The Angel of Death, The Gun Runner, The Fixer.

…And so on and so forth for other ETs and Locations. And I’m certain this has been mentioned before. Just bringing it back up to maybe see if it’s still doable.

I do this reluctantly (feel like I’d be bothering him, but) @Travis_IOI


I like the idea but I personally would LOVE to see having Paris with all 9 elusive targets with choice as to who we want to kill (just like in Apex Predator in Berlin).

Of course I don’t think it would work nicely with 3 or 5 levels and instead it should go with single level only.


Given how many HM1 Elusive Targets are out there, wouldn’t it be better to keep them grouped as five? Or have 2 groups of three for HM1 and 1 group with 2 HM3 & 1 HM2?

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It’ll be to prevent burning through so many ETs in a single contract now that the complications are mostly gone. They were going to the main point of difference between the contracts, rather than the targets themselves. So now they’re probably just stretching the mode out further until its “done”/complete since already after only three batches most ETs are already in the Arcade at least once.

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This probably part of reason no roadmap was released for this month, they’re taking a break from new arcade releases until we reach a point in time all current releases would’ve been made with smaller groups?

An “ET Marathon” idea was suggested earlier, though IOI sees limited appeal in this, which I understand. It would be an incredible slog.

Currently though, and I get the logistics of this, ETAs are divided by game. While having mixed-game ETAs would be fun, I can see the access confusion that could bring.

What if, once all the ETs possible make it to ET Arcade, we could get a 3 step ETA that pulls a random ET each from the games we own?

This way there isn’t a chance it wouldn’t be accessible, while also giving new variety each time you play it.

I know all the enforcers would be the same but I wonder if you can cause some alert so a non enforced becomes a permanent enforcer for your outfit and then go get your makeup done, or bandages off, and reset the specific guard to normal? Not any real gameplay benefit but it would be interesting to see if it worked.

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Short answer: No.

Long answer: Even though Helmut with/without make-up and Portman with/without bandages registers as different outfits, that only applies to differentiate them in Contracts mode.

In game, if you KO an NPC as Helmut without make-up (causing a witness enforcer to that disguise) and then go and get your make-up done, that NPC will still be a witness enforcer.

I think it’s because BOTH versions of the disguises still count as “Helmut” or “Portman”.


We can count on never getting any more real Elusive Targets for HITMAN 2 for suit unlocks solely because there’s no way the Florida outfit will be unavailable due to The Undying and The Undying Returns being the only Miami ETs

Travis confirmed in the “Vote for upcoming ETs” thread that most of the Hitman 2 ETs would return as “#2” versions

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Except The Undying (Undying Returns). Contractually, Sean Bean only signed on for Hitman 2. Not the third game.

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So unless Sean Bean signs another contract everyone will be missing the Florida outfit?

No. IO is going to make every suit available at some point in the future. This has been made clear multiple times and is supported by the fact that suits that could only be unlocked in H2, like the wetsuit and Phantom suit, became unlockable by completing mastery. The Mumbai suit became unlockable through an escalation, and the suits in New York and Haven were never even tied to ETs. I don’t know why so many people keep thinking that they’ll never get to unlock certain suits if ETs don’t come back to those maps; everybody will get a chance to unlock all the suits, just in different ways. Everyone be patient, you’re going to get the suits, but not all of them will come from beating ETs.


Yeah does make sense. Miami is effectively like Mumbai in HITMAN 3 as it’s not going to have an Elusive Target. Not unless either Sean Bean greenlights The Undying OR a unique to HM3 ET is made.

From Travis in the thread “Vote for upcoming Legacy Elusive Targets” about the items and suit related to Miami ET:

I have a general goal to find a place in H3 for unlocks like this. When the time comes, we’ll share how.

It’s very likely that these items will come somehow in H3. Probably with a specific challenge (like the hammer or the Jaeger 7 Covert).