Elusive Target Disguises reset

In Hitman 2 I was one elusive target away from unlocking the final suit you can unlock from elusive targets. After killing the first elusive target in Hitman 3 I noticed that it reset it. Is this a bug? Or do I have to continue killing elusive targets for the next year and a half to get the one suit I’m missing

HITMAN 3 is a new game, so in HITMAN 3 you’ll need to kill all available Elusive Targets again, with obtaining their rewards again


Wouldn’t that take like a year and a half to build myself back up to 15 elusive targets?

maybe a little faster if they don’t take a month each time and run H3 original ones on another schedule so it’s something biweekly. But yes, i think it’d take that long. I have all those suits and it’s pointless, at least there could be something beyond the previous suits. I hope the location specific ones still trigger, i started H2 as Hokkaido was ending.

We don’t know.
Usual schedule is 1 target per month, but they can assign 2 or 3 targets per month.
We are still waiting details about Elusive Targets in HITMAN 3, if anything will arrive at all