Elusive Target Replaying

Elusive targets (ETs) are well-known by the Hitman community. One chance missions. You fail or win, never again. Time runs out, never again. Why don’t they just make something like the brand-new ET Arcade but for replaying ETs. I don’t care that i may not get xp or rewards. I just find them a really fun way to play the game. I would like being able to play expired ETs at any time when i feel like it. Ofcourse this would only be old ones and not upcoming ones and current ETs but only ones that already happened. And OK there is a #2 version of most upcoming but still. Just remove the normal version for a while until it’s over and then make it come back. I really hope thet implement this feature just because they are so much fun to play and beat.


Been suggested over and over by the community, and yet devs didn’t care and released their own restrictive mode.

A lot of people expected to play them as they wish. Guess we were wrong :confused: