Elusive target rewards

There are none right? Im asking because i wanna be sure i wont miss anything if i ignore ETs.

At this moment there is no rewards for particular Elusive Target for HITMAN 3 locations, but there are rewards for a number of Elusive Targets.
For killing 5, 10, 15 etc you’ll get something (new suit, as usual).
This also works for a number of Elusive Targets killed with Silent Assassin rating


H1 and H2 ET awards are location suits, but also contribute toward milestone rewards.

H3 ET only count towards milestone rewards since you unlock Location Suit in the Mastery Track for those locations.

You can not unlock ET Milestones Rewards and Location suits for H1 and H2 in Elusive Target Arcade.


Photo shows every suit unlock so far in H3

I would love they add the solstice et suit the unreleased one and the subject 47

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Subject 47… WITH GLOVES!


What they need to release is Subject 47… WITH HUNTER’S HAT!

Subject 47… WITH SHIRT? wait

The worst possibility of all:

Agent 47… with hair!




Get outta here with that Charlie Brown shit! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(or is it Homer?)

hahahaha jesus christ homer 47

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I already have those unlocked from H2 so i should be safe if i ignore ETs right?

Yeah, if you’ve already them (from carryover), you don’t need to do that again.

If you’ve carried them over to H3 from the previous games then you’ll be ok.

If you didn’t then you’ll have to do them again.