Employment Invite? Pointless?

Is there a point to picking up the invite to have a meeting with Akka? I have tried to enter the Pirate’s base through any and all means that the map allows and every time I am rejected. If anyone knows how to get this to work or that I should not waste my time trying, that would be great. Thanks.

Perhaps you could try clearing out the area you meet in before the meeting for an easy kill.

If you are talking about the “Hippie” thing, you need to approach from the stone bridge (not wooden bridge) thats right near where the Hippie is found.


You have to be dressed as the Hippie? Well that explains it. I was trying SASO.


Yes that particular opportunity is required to have the Hippie disguise, that being said, very nearby is a way to scale up to that location that you can do Suit Only.

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I just did it wearing the Hippie disguise and 47 actually said, “Groovy” Hilarious!!


The invite isn’t for just anyone. It’s for the hippie smuggler! This would be a mission story if the map had those. I’m happy they don’t though. You can just go read the invite in your intel.