Escalation - The Lesley Celebration (March 4th)

A discussion thread for the new escalation that dropped yesterday.

The Lesley Celebration

I personally enjoyed it, thought it was fun. I like how you can easily transition between the different areas with your targets, it makes for such a smooth experience. IMO more stealthy mass murder with that beat in the background is always amazing. I didn’t enjoy level three that much because I couldn’t stop trying to get Florida Man absurdly early, which got frustrating, but it’s still good.

It’s a bit of a shame the Rave On suit isn’t an unlock but I don’t mind, it is what it is.


Weird “complication” has this one.
New starting points availble.
How this could be a complication? It’s rather a simplification


I think it’s just oddly phrased since they don’t wanna try messing with changing “complication” boxes.

Decent Escalation. The limited loadout (one smuggled and one in-person) is what makes it fun.


I had fun with this one, and learned a bit more about the vents above the lowest level in the club in the process. It helped me that a couple of the targets were ones that I’d used in contracts mode previously. Felt like level 3 was best done starting as a bartender, even though the DJ can access more areas. Being able to poison Florida Man makes taking care of him a lot easier, and that hobby knife is right by the starting location.


None of you are gonna need this (and probably have better strategies) but I figured I’d share my guide.

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This Escalation pretty much felt like a glorified set of contracts.

Though I appreciated IOI turning off the enforcers for the ICA agents. Made the approach to the level a lot less annoying than having to constantly watch for and dodge them.


Yeah, it’s my least favorite so far for this reason. Still nice to have a reason to go back to Berlin though.

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Agreed on the loadout… awesome.

I’m on level 2 now, I like this so much more than the Mendoza Guru one. That was awful IMHO.

I saved Florida Man for last. For some reason, his route started glitching out. He eventually ended up underground in the forest. He clipped out from under the hill, I took him out, and had to drag him all the way to the canals. Weird.
Besides that, I really enjoyed this one.

easy tutorial


I quite liked this one. Used a different starting location in every level so was nice to be encouraged to shake-up my routing each time.