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Seeing as it looks like Injustice 2 will be announced soon…

Let’s do a fighting game thread. Share memories and experiences with fighting games, as well as any tips, combos and the like you’ve come up with.

To get the discussion going:

Injustice 1 was shit tbh fam

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Injustice 2

While I love MK franchise since I was a little kid in Sega times… Fuck Netherrealm studio and WB for abandoning PC port of mkx. They spit into their PC fanbase’s face.

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Blame WB, not NRS. Though Boon’s always been one of the biggest liars in gaming history, he and his team had nothing to do with the PC port’s support getting canned.

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How so? He’s always just been a fun troll if anything.

eyebrow game is a solid 10 too



I never said it was always a bad thing. It just started being that once WB stepped in and bought the IP rights to MK. I know the guy means well most of the time.



I personally would like to see more open worldish fighting games something along the lines of The Warriors and Sleeping Dogs mixed together. Something that focuses more on hand to hand combat then using firearms. In the 90’s there was a surplus of “beat em up” games and now its as if the genre is dead. Something to break up the stale FPS and TPS influx of games nowadays.



Agreed, though I feel like the evolution of beat 'em ups are hack and slash games.



I blame both, in particular Boon’s eyebrows when it comes to NRS part.

God those eyebrows are distracting…



still waiting for tekken 7 to come out on consoles. it was released in arcades like 2 years ago lmao.

Also SF 5 is seriously the Hitman of fighting games. they released withthat no content always online business model. but unlike hitman the game cant really be episodic like without it look like ppl are getting skimped



Fun fact, Ed Boon can perform every fatality in MK history just by making his eyebrows jump rapidly.

Oh, and as far as I stand on fighting games, well… Y’know.



Somebody who played Virtua Fighter 5? It was very simple but really funny and with a great customization system.



Really?? From what I understand, they actually toned down on how long you can just bound combo someone so its not like tekken 6 or tag where once you get comboed ur just watching urself get juggled for the whole match. so personally thats welcome for me. i dont kno were you really into long combos?



honestly i recently just played street fighter 3 again. i think that was the pinnacle of fighting games no joke. definitely the most technical fighting ever. i dont understand why no other game does the parry defense



Anyone of you guys play MKX on PC? We could have some fun time



A lot of other fighters do parries. SF3 being the most technical fighting game is pretty debatable, though; it just the most popular one. Weaponlord, Eternal Champions and I’d go so far as to say Skullgirls beat it pretty hard as far as technical skill goes.



Can we share our videos in this thread?



Of course.

I have a few combos on MK9 and MKX I’ve come up with myself, but haven’t uploaded them to YouTube or anything, plus I’ve not been playing for a while.

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I used to main Tremor. Loved him for his pressure and mixup game. In the corner he was absolute monster before NRS nerfed him to the ground since casuals are too lazy to actually take time and lab/learn match-up.



As a Kung Lao main, I feel your pain. Well, at least I did in 9. In MKX/L I can’t get a single match that isn’t a slideshow.



.>Playing as Tremo

(watch from 0:00 to 2:01)


Yeah it definitely bugs me when people complain that a character is OP because they don’t know how to defend against them, IIRC this happened to mah girl Cassie too.

The best part about this is that the people that complain characters are too OP are usually the ones who just spam that Liu Kang 2, 1, 3 combo over and over.

Oh don’t worry. They nerfed Kung Lao to shit in MKX too.