Expanding on Blending

So, I believe I made very similar threads in the old forums, but now that TWOA is complete, I feel like it’s time to give it bump of sorts.

In short, this thread is about how we might want to evolve/expand Blending for future games in order to add sophistication, and more exciting/fun experiences involving disguises.

I’ll start:

Blending With Props

My suggestion for the next Hitman-game is to introduce Blending With Props.
In essence, some disguises would be strengthened by 47 using appropriate props. Using these props should preferably have some downside, like making you move slower.

An example:
Let’s say there’s a unique NPC on one of the maps who walks sort of hunched over using a cane.
47 can disguise himself as this NPC, but in order for the disguise to be truly effective he would need to equip the cane and imitate the hunched over cane-walk.
I imagine that this Blending would be caused by pushing and holding down a designated Blend button. Maybe a prompt to push it shows up as you equip the cane.

This particular example could lead to a Keyser Soze style moment, where the player walks passed a bunch of guards while using the cane, and then instantly stops Blending as soon as they clear a corner. I think this, and moments like it, would be immensely satisfying.

I think this sort of thing could create some really cool moments, as well as make some disguises feel more convincing to the player. Of course this can’t be forced on all disguises… and that’s OK in my opinion.

Blending in the Moment

Another type of Blending I’d like to see is something that is more dynamic than the specified Blending-spots in TWOA. Blending in the Moment would mean that given a certain disguise there would be scripted moments when a Blend-prompt appears. Pushing the Blend-prompt causes 47 to play out some actions specific to the disguise and moment.

An example:
Let’s say 47 is dressed as a high ranking officer and is passing a group of soldiers. Some of them are Enforcers to 47s disguise. As you approach, a Blend-prompt appears, and there’s a window of time to push it. If the Blend-prompt is pushed 47 salutes the soldiers, who all salute back, temporarily removing the Enforcers status as you walk passed.

Note that this is different from the acting 47 does when you get a prompt to speak to someone while you’re disguised, as these moments would entail physical acting.

So… what do you think about my suggestions? Do you have ideas of your own? Please share. :slight_smile:


I like it. Very similar to having the correct long rifle while dressed as a soldier. This one wouldn’t require a blend button to be used but just create extra enforcers and/or raise suspicion from all the other soldiers if, for example, you are dressed as a French Soldier and you are carrying an AK-47. Clip boards are super powerful in real life and could be in the game too. Someone with the correct uniform and a clipboard doesn’t raise a lot of questions bc no one wants to be “inspected” so people tend to go the other way. I can see 47 in a bank with a dress shirt/tie and with a clip board and some (but not all) enforcers are actively trying to avoid him.

Side note on saluting…


Enlisted ranks salute the officers, not the other way around. If you’re an officer and I’m a rank and file soldier and we’re passing each other I will raise my arm first and hold the salute, then you will return the salute by raising and lowering yours, only after you lower yours can I lower mine. Like all rules there are some exceptions. Officers salute each other with the lower rank going first and holding it till the senior is finished but enlisted guys do not salute each other (nothing would ever get done if they had to. They’d spend all day saluting haha).


I’m also imagining 47 as hotel housekeeping with a vacuum cleaner and when you hit the button to use it the speed he moves at is the same as sneak speed from H2SA!!


I knew this from a previous time where I gave a similar example, but as I want there to be active involvement from the player I really don’t see any other way.


While officers do sometimes totally ignore salutes from enlisted people, it would aggregate the enlisted people and certainly cause them to turn and look to see who that person was (similar to when you get cut off on a highway and have to look to see who the jerk is).

Maybe depending on which outfit you have you would have to initiate or return the salute within the appropriate time window and not doing so would cause the other person to become an enforcer and come look at who you are? God knows if I skipped a salute when I was enlisted id be doing push ups for a few minutes while the other guy watched and yelled :joy:


I’m happy you made another Kent thread like the improving the "… " Threads. They are always interesting and engaging and I hope (not expect) to see more in the future :).


Thanks. I am having a bit of difficulty finding motivation at the moment. The excitement of a new game being released has sort of died down, and the next Hitman feels so far away.


yeah it seems pretty illogical that as a guard, you can brandish any weapon openly. it would make sense to have more enforcers when you are openly carrying an out of character weapon (like a tanto or katana) … much like if you openly carry while not being a guard.

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In Absolution, blending was well absolutely kept the player from being spotted regardless what was happening around them including a full alert with guards investigating shots fired or body discovered. This was toned down however in World of Assassination with guards investigating murder scenes going into super-enforcer mode where they could see through all disguises including blending. I wonder how many here tried using instinct to avoid being spotted by an enforcer…