Experiencing some issues

Hope you guys could help me. I purchased the hitman game for PS4 in 2017 through a PS plus purchase and the game is no longer working. In fact when I try to play I can’t access the whole campaign, only if I pay for it but I already bought the game in 2017. I already contacted Playstation and it assured that it is not its fault.

Hey @digasvian,

Could you tell which part of the campaign you don’t have access to ?
And which game version you possess ? (normal, definitive edition…)

Because if it’s Colorado and Hokkaido, with the rest accessible, it might be that your game is behaving like a physical version. Which installs all but the last two locations, who require a code to verify/unlock.

In this case try the following :

  • Visit the page for your game in your PS4 Home Menu or Game Library.
  • Select the game and scroll down to the “PlayStation™ Store” section at the bottom.
  • From the “Your Add-ons” section, you can manually download individual pieces of released content that you already own, including the latest character.
  • If the content you are looking for is not listed under “Your Add-ons,” you can scroll past this option in the “PlayStation™Store” section of the Game Page and select “View All.”
  • Content that you are entitled to download for free, but do not already own, will be shown here with a cost listed as “Free.”
  • After selecting the content and starting the download, it will be listed under “Your Add-ons,” if you want to download it again in the future.

Otherwise, I would advise you to use your Hitman ownership to redeem it as an access pack in Hitman 3.

A guide can be found here :

You can then download Hitman 3 free starter pack. And play the maps here.

  1. Select content that you wish to download or purchase. Scrolling to the right will present a View All option where you can download specific add-ons