Ezra Berg's interrogation music

Hey Hitman Forum!
I was playing around in Freedom Fighters, Colorado earlier this week and something I’ve always wanted to know but could never find came back: Ezra Berg’s interrogation music.
Does anyone know where it comes from?
Is it an original piece by Niels?
Is there a good quality download/video of it?

For anyone who doesn’t know what it sounds like, here’s a link to an unlisted video of mine ripped from the game.
Thanks in advance. :purple_heart:


It’s Brachmann, piano concerto: no 5, opus 38

…nah I just don’t know sorry, three song identifiers didn’t find anything.


Sounds eerie, now I want to know too!


10 Easy Piano Pieces, BB 51: No. 2. Painful Wrestling. By Andreas Bach.


It’s possible it’s not a tune that’s just out there in the wild. It could be a song made just for that scenario that only exists in this game.

Sort of like the other tunes that can only be found in the game… Like the ice-cream Gelato shop music…

This same song (used to) play on the portable radio that you can find in a few missions of H1. There are 2 other songs it plays but the sound has been bugged since H2, and all it plays is silence where that track should be.

Unless that’s been fixed? :thinking:

Edit: This isn’t to say that it still isn’t a song you can find. I mean, good luck, but you’ll likely be wasting your time. :confused:

Edit2: Honestly, I’ve never tried to identify the gelato shop/portable radio tune. …Lemme get my phone and use Shazam… Edit3: still nothing. :smile: