Failed Connection after Profile Deletion

So, back when Hitman (2016) first came out my little brother played it for a little bit. Skip ahead to the release of Hitman 3 and I started to get the itch to go back and play the games from scratch getting trophies, etc. So after some searching and suggestions, I submitted to have my profile deleted. No big deal, he only played Paris and a little of the next episode.

However, now that I did that step, I’m unable to connect to the servers at all with that account. Every single time it says failed to fetch the configuration or something. I can connect just fine using another account on the same PS5 so I know it’s not my connection, but rather something tied to the account. I was able to connect to the game right before the submission but right after, failed, every time.

The email about the deletion said that the next time I logged in that it wouldn’t affect the deletion process, etc. and that a new profile would be created. But I simply cannot connect. Has anyone else had this issue and gotten it resolved?

I’ve emailed IOI, I’ve reached out on Twitter and these forums, and yet I keep getting ghosted. I’ve never seen this level of lack of response from any company before. I hoping some of you might have had similar issues that were fixed somehow.

Or are there any devs on here who can look into this for me? Or at least point out some other way to contact support that will actually result in me getting any kind of response?

What do you see if you try to log into

I never went through that myself but it always surprises me how there is the assumption that a deleted account continues to work in some way.

Also, what is your intention to use this account and not the other you seem to have?

To answer your questions…

When I log into my IOI account, I see everything fine. There’s my connected PSN, all my info, etc. I have no problems logging into my account.

From my understanding, a profile deletion request only deletes your profile information, things like your progress, etc. Not your actual account. Seeing that I can still log in and see everything on the website, I assume that is how it works. I’m not assuming that a deleted account would still work as it’s not a deleted account, only the profile data associated with it is to be deleted.

Unless I’m widely misinterpreting what the profile deleting does. But again, seeing that I can still log in on the website and see my info, I assume it’s just deleting progress. Hopefully, someone can explain it further if thats not the case.

EDIT: Also, the second account I mention is just my wife’s PSN account. I have no intention of playing on that account. I was just testing if I was able to connect to the servers in order to narrow down the issue.

This is the site used to request that information be deleted:

Again, this should only be deleting game-specific information, not your whole account. You can then still (in theory but not in my case) be able to log back into the Hitman servers to start fresh.