Fan made Contracts of Hitman 3

I’m happy with 1001st :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Finally done. Took around 40 minutes to create. When I played the contract, I did it in just under 32 minutes. Will try for a better time.
Xbox: 3-03-4625323-68


ID number is fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.


As to the wire plug. Turns out it’s good for more than just one kill.

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I wanted to try and create an escalation of sorts. 3 contracts, with increasing challenges, targets and complications. If anyone wants to do it, you could play it in order or instead, pick the one you feel comfortable doing. The objectives don’t change, but more are added with each level.

Contract IDs are:
Stage 1: - 1-28-3962640-83
Stage 2 - 1-28-7885933-83
Stage 3 - 1-28-8848462-83

Considering we don’t have spoiler tags, I’m placing an imgur link >>here<< with targets and complications.

We even have a special thread for this type of contracts:

And yes, we do have spoiler tags.
Just either use [spoiler]text[/spoiler] or while creating a post hit a cogwheel button at the very right and choose “Blur Spoiler” or “Hide Details” ([details="caption"]text[/details])

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Excellent. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll repost it there.

Here is a fun contract I made for Berlin titled Boom Boom Goes the Room.
Xbox: 3-29-5515686-68

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I never noticed the SWITCH for the plug. Goddamn.

Of course I got spotted 30 mins into it. Why do I even play these contracts lol

I’m in the process of recording my run and am doing great when at the last minute I’m spotted or an NPC walks into a puddle and gets shocked to death.

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I’m trying to capture one too.



F*** that shit :rofl:


i forgot to post this yesterday so ill do 2 today.


Here’s a contract based around something funny I noticed while playing contracts mode in Mendoza.

Contract Name: “H” is for Hitman
Location: Mendoza
ID (Xbox): 3-31-0088089-01


“Your targets are two members of ‘The ABCs’: a crime organization originally composed of 26 members; each specializing in crimes whose names begin with a particular letter of the alphabet.

You have been tasked with eliminating the group’s last surviving members: ‘A’ (the group’s founder and leader, who specializes in crimes involving assault, arson, and abduction) and ‘W’ (who specializes in wire-tapping, witness intimidation, and weapons trafficking).

Let’s see if the ABCs can handle the ICA."

Yes, the NPCs are literally just called a and w in the game files. Looks like IOI slipped up haha. Anyways, this contract is kinda just a joke so don’t expect it to actually be any good lol.


Yes, but it exactly the type of contract that would get featured.


@Viv I think this was yours. What a mess I made toward the end lol.

I love your contracts but not this one… I can see it being a FC :rofl:


It seems you mistyped the IDs.
Blind Spot Thug’s ID is 1-31-8510401-29.
The Shadow of Bloom’s ID is 1-31-1841093-29.

@SANY-72Q @TheCasualHitman

I hate you both.


There was an error in the data I managed locally.
Thank you.

Try being the one recreating it. Took forever. Anyway, nice run. Mine was 2 minutes more than yours.