HMF made H3 Contract Escalations

A thread to post any escalations you make in H3 Contracts Mode.

Please try to post ID’s of all levels clearly on your post for other people’s ease.

Remember contract escalations are a series of contracts strung together usually with one evolving from the last don’t have to be 3 Levels long but that is generally considered the sweet spot between too few and it just getting repetitive.


Just copying @GlogolZ’s over here from the contracts thread (original post here). That’s what inspired this thread

Hello everyone! Today I will show you three fan escalations, which vary in playstyle and difficult!
I am sincerely sorry, but I confused fan and fun.

Platform: PS4
Bloody wine - 1 - 2-31-9722006-54
Bloody wine - 2 - 2-31-9392797-54
Bloody wine - 3 - 2-31-8251250-54

Platform: PS4
Shaken, not stirred - 1 - 2-28-5986387-54
Shaken not, stirred - 2 - 2-28-0304540-54
Shaken, not stirred - 3 - 2-28-6741440-54

Platform: PS4
Add bass - 1 - 2-29-1808698-54
Add bass - 2 - 2-29-4991563-54
Add bass - 3 - 2-29-3077043-54


Also went and made my own in Chongqing. It’s been a while so my contract making skills are bit rusty :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The Noodle Expiration - PS4

Level 1: 2-30-9798374-02
Level 2: 2-30-8270173-02
Level 3: 2-30-9160191-02


I haven’t finished the third stage yet, because I don’t have a lot of time and… But it doesn’t matter. I can say that I really like the concept of exacerbations precisely in the fact that it is easier to create complexity and interesting things when there is already a foundation and here the approach changes quite dramatically from just one complication. I hope fan escalation contracts will become even more popular :slight_smile:

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@GlogolZ A very enjoyable set of Contract Escalation

I’m looking forward to playing the rest that have been posted in this thread :+1:


Level 1: 2-29-5556184-02
Level 2: 2-29-3845019-02
Level 3: 2-29-3139578-02

I also did a SA No Loadout run of Level 3, for those that are curious but can’t/don’t want to play :wink:

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For Xbox players, I’ve made one on Dubai
The Hashim Turbulence
Level 1: 3-27-4865562-52
Two targets in the art crew area, any/any
Level 2: 3-27-3692644-52
The previous two targets, plus one on the top floor of the Penthouse. All targets must now be killed in accidents
Level 3: 3-27-0269979-52
The previous conditions, and now you aren’t allowed to change your disguise or pacify any NPCs.


This escalation taught me that electricity sets fire :slight_smile:

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Yeah, there’s lots of little neat tricks hidden in there :wink: It is amazing how deep IO has made some systems and mechanics that 99.9% of the time no one will use :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

A two-for-one weekend special.
Great contracts :+1:


I’m having a moral dilemma because I want to make one but what I have in mind would only really be worth it if you played with the hunting attire on, and that’s deluxe exclusive. Don’t want anyone to feel potentially blocked off.

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Hunting Attire is only a cosmetic change though, they wouldn’t be ‘blocked off’. Perhaps they couldn’t play exactly as intended but they’d still get to play the actual contracts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Plus I reckon the Venn diagram of people invested enough in Hitman to play these contracts and players who bought deluxe is pretty much a circle… Not like I’m bias and just want you to make it or anything :wink:

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Name of escalation: I never asked for this

Platform: PC


1 - 2-27-4034329-54

2 - 2-27-1883783-54

3 - 2-27-4877227-54

4 - 2-27-2765180-54

5 - 2-27-7443095-54

Notice before play:

If you do not want to go through an exacerbation for a long time, then the most critical stages are 2, 4 and 5, the rest can be skipped, but the transitions between them can be sharp. It is advisable to have a sniper rifle and a lot of poisoning pieces.

Five level on SA:

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Five levels :flushed: alright I’ll give it a try in a sec

Yes, I wanted to experiment and it seems to me almost even pretty good :wink:

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Okay so I thought this was a really well built escalation. I had to slightly tweak my route each time but not so much I was starting from scratch. Didn’t drag either really, definitely better than some of IO’s ones :wink: give it a 4/5

Review/Summary of each my playthrough
  • Level 1: Pretty easy. Started in my suit. Struggled to remember the door password but after I remembered it was just a quick bullet lure and fibre wire

  • Level 2: Decided to start as a guard this time. Had a little trouble getting the the sniper targets body to not be spotted but managed it.

  • Level 3: Had to grind to unlock the penthouse start :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but after that just worked down the tower. Wasn’t too bad

  • Level 4: A tiny change between this and Level 3, my route was the same. Had to use Sieker a lot more for the No Pacifications tho. A small but very interesting change

  • Level 5: Had to nearly rethink my whole route. But it stayed mostly the same just had to work my way up the tower before coming down again. Plus the new target was an interesting and good choice I’d say

My Level 5 was very different from yours. Just shows how well made it was I’d say :wink: watch if you’re interested

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Name of escalation: Shrodinger’s deviation

Platform: PS4


1 - 2-30-9751693-54

2 - 2-30-8321444-54

3 - 2-30-2596041-54

Notice before play:

The third stage is a fairly simple puzzle. If you still do not understand how to go through it, then there will be a spoiler further, I advise you to try to go through the aggravation as usual before that. You need to put Shirong’s body under the cage, and then kill Downer with a sniper rifle, which shoots through the bodies and kill Downer by shooting the winch on which the cage rests with the same shot.


1 level -
PC: 1-27-6598084-12
PS4: 2-27-7075711-54
Xbox: 3-27-1463933-48

2 level -
PC: 1-27-9891161-12
PS4: 2-27-1531536-54
Xbox: 3-27-6635217-48

3 level -
PC: 1-27-8851151-12
PS4: 2-27-0511515-54
Xbox: 3-27-5440751-48


Name of escalation: The pulp Fiction

Platform: PS


1 - 2-29-2318122-54

2- 2-29-5348679-54

3- 2-29-8017979-54

Notice before play:

I advise and even instructed that whoever is going to go through the escalation, go through it along with additional complications. For the passage, it is desirable to have 20 mastery level everywhere. But in more detail: you need a sniper rifle (preferably Sieger Ghost), an explosive phone, but just a suitcase with a bomb can help.