Fan made Contracts of Hitman WOA

That kill is brilliant! This video could also be in the funny videos thread…

Al’s Conundrum is now on ps and stadia.


you basically hoodwink the game

PC contract: New year’s festival delivery
ID: 1-30-7681381-83

A quick one I made a few days ago. I wanted to post it here on the 31st, but I’ll be otherwise occupied.
There is a 3 minute time optional complication, which is the only complication in this contract. People want their fireworks - and they want them fast.

I know there is a Chinese new year, which doesn’t fall on the same date, but eh, details. At least that one includes fireworks too, so if people feel particularly bothered by the date, they can choose to play it on the first of February.

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Starting my Casual tour of the Woa maps, with more to come. I forgot to change Paris and Colorado to Any/Any, so they are the only ones that have kill and disguise conditions. Here are the contracts for the first six WoA maps:

  • Casual Paris - Xbox: 3-02-1646076-68
  • Casual Sapienza - Xbox: 3-03-3424361-68
  • Casual Marrakesh - Xbox: 3-06-2586012-68
  • Casual Bangkok - Xbox: 3-08-7690191-68
  • Casual Colorado - Xbox: 3-09-9931392-68
  • Casual Colorado (Any/Any) - Xbox: 3-09-6300971-68
  • Casual Hokkaido - Xbox: 3-10-7261618-68

Part 2 of the Casual WoA contracts:

  • Casual Hawkes Bay - Xbox: 3-20-2672062-68
  • Casual Miami - Xbox: 3-11-0445226-68
  • Casual Santa Fortuna - Xbox: 3-12-1639286-68
  • Casual Mumbai - Xbox: 3-13-3919124-68
  • Casual Whittleton Creek - Xbox: 3-22-6179597
  • Casual Whittleton Creek (Any/Any) - Xbox: 3-22-3682183-68
  • Casual Isle of Sgail - Xbox: 3-21-1227360-68
  • Casual New York - Xbox:3-26-9437869-68
  • Casual Haven Island - Xbox: 3-24-0044824-68

Part 3 of the Casual WoA contracts:

  • Casual Dubai - Xbox: 3-27-0195681-68
  • Casual Dartmoor - Xbox: 3-28-8846533-68
  • Casual Berlin - Xbox: 3-29-2678292-68
  • Casual Chongqing - Xbox: 3-30-5229148-68
  • Casual Mendoza - Xbox: 3-31-3499124-68

Recreated (and modified) a contract I did for H2. There are some tricky parts in it:


SA - 2:30


Great run! Thanks for playing!

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Love how you took out both the final target and the surveillance at the same time. Btw how did that guard move to the next room? I thought he always stood in front of the surveillance.

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That guard always moves

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Recorded this sometime back but forgot to upload and share, so here you go. I don’t know if this happened with you, but picking up the remote explosive was a pain in the ass for me. Half the time, the prompt simply wouldn’t show up for picking up the bomb. Fun contract otherwise.

Breaking and Entering (2:53)


check yer discord dms


In the theme of the holidays:

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Here’s our submission for @Fuzk’s contract jam 2!

Group Name: The Jamals (Don’t ask why)
Group members: KareemBinLadin - @Rockyhorse6000 - @Hichkas
Contract name: The Attic Massacre
3 targets - Mendoza - Sniper - Any Disguise


  • PC: 1-31-3075397-30 (Thanks @Khakiasp)
  • PS: 2-31-1918892-51
  • Xbox: 3-31-3584886-69
  • Stadia: 1-31-3154150-96


O yea, here are the ‘modded’ contracts for H3, made in June before IO put the block in place

Some were sneakily posted here earlier


Trigger, singular

PC: 1-06-9586475-28

A trigger is a little thing that makes something bigger happen.
Synonyms: cause and reason\r\r[]

(the “Remote Explosive” is the item you can find in the consulate garage or school armory)


{"Author":"Urben","MissionId":"dff84b03-6c7d-4f80-a04c-98a6ffc73d71","MissionName":"LOCATION_MARRAKECH","TimeLimit":390,"ExitId":"fb75a371-8a8a-46ca-8cff-320e16018db3","CreateFromParamsJ":{"creationData":{"Title":"Trigger, singular","Description":"A trigger is a little thing that makes something bigger happen.\rSynonyms: cause and reason\r\r[]\r.\r(the "Remote Explosive" is the item you can find in the consulate garage or school armory)\r\rBy Urben\r<HCCE>","Targets":[{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"","KillMethodBroad":"","KillMethodStrict":"","RequiredKillMethodType":0,"RequiredKillMethod":""},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"c7b117fd-16ce-49a5-9fb2-5ad8376785c8","Required":true,"IsHitmanSuit":true},"RepositoryId":"cd8cc169-84db-45ae-a8ca-c5c4062e9fde","Selected":true},{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"","KillMethodBroad":"","KillMethodStrict":"","RequiredKillMethodType":0,"RequiredKillMethod":""},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"c7b117fd-16ce-49a5-9fb2-5ad8376785c8","Required":true,"IsHitmanSuit":true},"RepositoryId":"7b010c85-8fe9-4eff-b2b8-a2c58af802e3","Selected":true},{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"7c691c03-7c6b-4eb4-9a68-898efe5eedaa","KillMethodBroad":"explosive","KillMethodStrict":"","RequiredKillMethodType":3,"RequiredKillMethod":"explosive"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"ecf1b752-0cd6-4283-a1a5-743fc0249525","Required":true,"IsHitmanSuit":false},"RepositoryId":"3839e984-ef49-412d-a49b-48aecda60739","Selected":true},{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"7c691c03-7c6b-4eb4-9a68-898efe5eedaa","KillMethodBroad":"explosive","KillMethodStrict":"","RequiredKillMethodType":3,"RequiredKillMethod":"explosive"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"98b1c1f6-2634-4c29-b9e6-fa8d7633100a","Required":true,"IsHitmanSuit":false},"RepositoryId":"278424d0-5d1b-499f-9aae-11b4c647983f","Selected":true}],"ContractConditionIds":[]}}}

I was waiting for a remote explosive in two disguises contract!

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