Fan made Contracts of Hitman WOA

Marrakesh keeps on giving for puzzle contracts. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m curious why the two first any method targets exist tho :thinking:

Are they they in the same room as targets, so explosion is less likely to be heard?

They encourage starting in the school/consulate with your suit so you are more willing to set something up and not just starting as food vendor for example.

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PC Contract: A priest, a lawyer and a hippie…
ID: 1-04-3720069-83

I’ve recently been getting the notion that some of you want something more challenging.
So I made something more challenging. Keep in mind that this contract can potentially be completed without loadout. Everything you need is in the map. Also keep in mind that this one involves 2 different weapon smuggles. One isn’t too bad. The other, well, you’ll see.

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LCC: Bande A Part (Remix) - (2-27)

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Title:Wake up,my friend
PC:1-03-8513416-27 XB:3-03-8496993-69 PS: 2-03-9691581-00
Another glitch found…and that’s a difficult one…so I mark a NPC that is very ez to isolate…

    "Author": "Quartz Tan",
    "MissionId": "3984dfed-edd5-4697-a1a2-1c3a77f580f5",
    "MissionName": "LOCATION_COASTALTOWN",
    "TimeLimit": 60,
    "ExitId": "f14172be-7d31-4414-84ee-4378ce930d00",
    "CreateFromParamsJ": {
        "creationData": {
            "Title": "Wake up,my friend",
            "Description": "Quick switch,like last glitch.",
            "Targets": [{
                    "Weapon": {
                        "RepositoryId": "25a4d780-3123-448d-a6e7-3dfdbb8c8260",
                        "KillMethodBroad": "throw",
                        "KillMethodStrict": "",
                        "RequiredKillMethodType": 3,
                        "RequiredKillMethod": "throw"
                    "Outfit": {
                        "RepositoryId": "",
                        "Required": false,
                        "IsHitmanSuit": false
                    "RepositoryId": "24ea2145-cd9a-4339-a837-26d482bf356d",
                    "Selected": true
            "ContractConditionIds": [],
            "ContractId": "1d8032d8-2e00-4055-a364-4fab3f0422f7",
            "ContractPublicId": "103515820227"


Radio throw weapon? You mean portable radios (even if I don’t think there is one on Sapienza)? Or do you mean those radio placed on some map’s spots? In this case, I don’t have any idea how you can kill a Npc with it. :thinking:

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portable radios.There is one near the graveyard.

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I guess I missed it. Thanks. :wink:
I guess it’s the same recent throw trick then.

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yes. but not all, Because generally you can’t put that radio(and other uncontainable tool like axe)into your pocket, That’s the core part of this puzzle.


Here’s my fancy image thing for a contract jam 2 submission with @Crewdy


My solution


:rofl: you find another glitch… well done !


Now I see… That’s clever! :laughing:


Eh… I thought there was a submission :grimacing: I am sharing the already created contracts here :

This contract is a one headshot one bullet sniper contract. Please imagine the skeleton or skull on bullet contact during the world war:smiley:

Contract ID (PS4): 2-31-7301486-56


I recently saw a video on youtube about a coin trick - hence posting a contract with credit to the youtuber :100:

Contract ID (PS4): 2-31-3096762-56


This contract is a derivative of the above one -

Contract ID (PS4): 2-28-7865605-56

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The submission is/was on the F7SC discord. There is currently a “Contract Jam” going on where groups of 2-4 players make contracts, with the others voting on them. However, it is now in the voting phase so no more contracts could be added.

Also… why put coin kills in a featured contract submission? :confused: A lot of players don’t know how to do it (unfortunately, as I found it hilarious and I imagine others would too).



Thank you for the information. An apple kill and game glitch got selected hence I tried my luck. Anyway my primary contract was the Sniper Delight one.

Reg coin / apricot kill - here is the video I saw :

For PS4 / XBox player - it might be quite tricky I am sharing my experience and learning which might be helpful:

  1. Select any throwable item (apart from briefcase).
  2. Aim the head of the target such that the reticle shows up (with the [L2] Aim button)
  3. Do not touch the move and move camera {the (R) and (L) sticks}
  4. Click the left or right D-Pad button (Inventory button) only
  5. Select the coins or apricots
  6. As soon as you press Select (X) button immediately press and hold [L2] Aim button and [R2] Throw button simultaneously.

Note that last step is tricky - [L2] and [R2] button must be pressed and hold together immediately after (X) click within a fraction of second.
Its like
(X) Click ----> [L2] and [R2] (Hold) until the target is hit.