Fan made Contracts of Hitman WOA



I see. Apologies for the wait. Clemens, Community Manager at IO Interactive (@Clemens_IOI) will post a submission thread on the forums.
The thread appears typically a week before the said Featured Contracts gets released.

Once the thread is available and open, you go in there and read what Clemens wrote down. Once you’re ready to submit your contracts, click Reply on the thread and make a post. You’ll need to include;

  • Contract ID (the 12 digit ID on your contract)
  • Platform (so Xbox, PS4 etc.)
  • Submitter Name
  • Contract Title
  • Briefing
  • Brief Description
    (what your contract is about briefly so we know what we’re dealing with before playing)
  • Location
  • and Featured Contract Image (if you don’t have one, feel free to pop a suggestion. Clemens will make it good if it does get featured)

You need to do this for every single contract you submit. For someone like you, I recommend having like 3 contracts in 1 post.

Do note that there’s a date that the submission thread closes. Typically a Monday on the week of Featured Contracts. It is listed in Clemens post on the submission thread. The time is in Central European Time (CET aka UTC +1) or Central European Summer Time (CEST aka UTC +2). Clemens does sometimes take late submissions on the day. He will not take submissions after that Monday. The thread is not removed when it’s closed. That is so that you or anyone can play other people’s contracts that they’ve submitted any other time.

Here’s a link to our Food Fight Submission Thread from last month, just to understand so that you know what to expect when the submission thread for Heat Stroke and Hot Scope appears on the forums.

Anyway. That is all I need to discuss about our Submission Thread for Community Featured Contracts. From what I check, the Heat Stroke Submission Thread should appear on the forums on Thursday this week. Just incase you’re curious why the Submission Thread forum closes on a Monday. Clemens and Travis (another Community Manager) picks the contracts in secret. The contracts he/they pick will be Featured.

Good luck bye the way and welcome to the Hitman Forums. It’s nice to have someone new here. I’ve been on the forums for 1 and a half years. I’m familiar with how it works… mostly.


Thanks, im already loving this forum.

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What platform do you play on? If its xbox my name is Wigglyweevil211.


Xbox as well. DavidG185 is my gamertag on that one too. Add me to your Friends List. And I’m also on YouTube. Same username… no videos created. I use it to write comments. Of course if you want to message me on the forums, I’m free to read them if there’s time. I’m also active on Twitter. Posting other games related stuff.:wink:

Tip: When you submit contracts, use your username on your platform as your Submitter Name, not your forum username.


ok will do. The submission says i have to put contract ID, since its in the bottom left of my images does that count?

Technically yes but would prefer actually typing out the Contract ID on the post. Gotta make it look a bit presentable as a submission post.

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Ok thanks. I will checking your contracts out on xbox. That will keep me busy untill the featured contracts get realised. We need more content.

Bye the way @Charlie_Farmer. If you’re curious what this thread is, it’s the Fan made Contracts of Hitman 3 thread. This thread is great if you want to share contracts with other people. It doesn’t have to be contracts for Featured Contracts. It’s a pretty good way of sharing contracts that you created and like to the community. Also good to get feedback or watch people play other people’s contract.

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Ok, i love the contract part of the WOA series. I have over 210hrs of play time in hit 2 and 3 (got hit2016 in hit2)

Yeah. Also try my contracts if you want to. Tap on my profile icon and tap [Number] Post in Topic. It’ll show all the post that profile has posted on the thread. It’s really useful for threads with LOTS of replies, especially this one.

Also yeah. I started Hitman with Hitman 2 (2018) back in Christmas 2020. After playing a bit, I really love it that I got the Hitman 2016 maps, the Expansions, and of course Hitman 3 (2021). I love it that it came out on my birthday. :sweat_smile:

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Same with hit2 i got it for Christmas in 2020, i got hit3 on my birthday (may 24th) in 2021, iconoclas ended on my b day, my first et was the polotition in april 2021. PS: Did u get my xbox friend request.

How do you change your birthday on here? Its not saying i have one. I looked at may for mine but its not on there, is it a only appears on there when you’ve been on the forum for a year? Or not.

The only featured one’s I’ve done are sizzling sunset slumber boat and iced whiskey with an explosive tang. The other posted contracts are just general ones for a casual audience, some are easy enough that a casual player can find a good method for SA, same for more experienced players.

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Sent you a message bye the way.

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what was message? I did kuiri police in 4:28 it says i got 4 stars, i accidentally threw the knife into lars not meele but he was still awake not knocked out my bad. Not bad for a first run. Liked your mix in throwing and meele, your last target was a enforcer so he was a extra challenge. :slight_smile:

Oops. Message that I sent on the forum was about your question about birthday. Anyway. It looks like you got things under control. Great job with my contract - The Kukri Police. Instinct will help you out obviously. Of course once you’re familiar with the map, it is a bit easy to “read the room”. Since they’re not Poison or Accident Kills, you need to make sure no-one can find the bodies. So hide them behind objects and out of view of passerbys or dump them in closets is best strategy.

Yes, the idea of utilising both melee and thrown weapon kills with the same weapon is really clever. It’s a tad reminisce of one of my old and favourite contracts - A Grape Travesty. You can find it in this thread. It was one of my envy contracts along with The Kukri Komposition which the latter I’m resubmitting in Heat Stroke. It’s going to be one weird batch. I had the Hot Scope ones ready before this one.

Bye the way, try The Night The Duck Cried. It’s one of my contracts and it’s my first one to get featured. First Rubber Duck one you see in Featured Contracts. Was originally submitted for Wrath. Last year was all about the 7 Deadly Sins.

That should keep you busy for a while. Good luck with whatever you’re doing. I got things to do now… like sleeping.

Heat Stroke subs are now open!

Best of hot luck! :smiley:


@Clemens_IOI Does ioi have any plans to give Lil’Flashy to players recently?



EPIC: 1-30-3150375-11
You’d better not use weapon lure glitch.


{"Author":null,"MissionId":"451bdccf-fa3a-4aba-8b81-9c7f19c7490a","MissionName":"LOCATION_WET_RAT","TimeLimit":240,"ExitId":"5b9f6976-7ccf-46fd-97b4-e145403c9b0b","CreateFromParamsJ":{"creationData":{"Title":"NO FIRE, GAS IS YOUR FRIEND","Description":"-","Targets":[{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000","KillMethodBroad":"accident","KillMethodStrict":"accident_explosion","RequiredKillMethodType":2,"RequiredKillMethod":"accident_explosion"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"","Required":false,"IsHitmanSuit":false},"RepositoryId":"0e015f8d-8b10-4656-9d9f-c97c7271984c","Selected":true},{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000","KillMethodBroad":"accident","KillMethodStrict":"accident_explosion","RequiredKillMethodType":2,"RequiredKillMethod":"accident_explosion"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"","Required":false,"IsHitmanSuit":false},"RepositoryId":"6a3ae9cb-1a19-4748-8450-6d241eb46e6b","Selected":true},{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000","KillMethodBroad":"accident","KillMethodStrict":"accident_explosion","RequiredKillMethodType":2,"RequiredKillMethod":"accident_explosion"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"","Required":false,"IsHitmanSuit":false},"RepositoryId":"845d07f2-7f6d-4fe0-a0ba-d242756c6715","Selected":true},{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"a8a0c154-c36f-413e-8f29-b83a1b7a22f0","KillMethodBroad":"accident","KillMethodStrict":"accident_explosion","RequiredKillMethodType":2,"RequiredKillMethod":"accident_explosion"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"","Required":false,"IsHitmanSuit":false},"RepositoryId":"011b0b27-c509-485a-b261-14d464c50247","Selected":true},{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"a8a0c154-c36f-413e-8f29-b83a1b7a22f0","KillMethodBroad":"accident","KillMethodStrict":"accident_explosion","RequiredKillMethodType":2,"RequiredKillMethod":"accident_explosion"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"","Required":false,"IsHitmanSuit":false},"RepositoryId":"dda2781b-ff82-482a-bf5c-bb5cedf9dd28","Selected":true}],"ContractConditionIds":["f96e94b7-1c0e-49c9-9332-07346a955fd2"],"ContractId":"137df8dc-c857-4cd5-b490-b32911dd898c","ContractPublicId":"130969919211"}}}