Fan made Contracts of Hitman WOA

Also targets cause a certain player wanted to recreate but as it seems he is lazy as hell (he actually recreated it nvm):

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@Lord_Munk PC is available now

did the level SASO style.

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Well played.Btw,it designed to be SA/SO

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my contract radio pirates and drug bootleggers is a SASO puzzle level where you have to take an old axe with you.

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link for anyone who’s interested in a player made roadmap competition.

oooo. what’s that one?

Thx for the recreation.But I already recreated this one in PS,why you do that again?Meet some problem in that contract I recreated?

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My mistake, lol, I only saw PC and xbox. I need to grab my glasses…

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Fun Contract Hitman 3 Fishing Lanes by Switcher 34s SA - YouTube

Could probablly be faster but i cba


kind of played both and got different overall time lol.

Bruhh gg

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Sorry mate this got buried in the notifications! But sure go ahead, I’m always looking for interesting contracts to play after work!

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alright. also don’t forget to check out the WXPC also know as weekly xp competition. i think you’ll enjoy it.

Shadows in the Snow

One of the easier byproducts I made for my ultimate white ninja contract.

HCCE json

{"Author":null,"MissionId":"3b7072e6-febc-46f6-901d-717987f2d22e","MissionName":"LOCATION_HOKKAIDO","TimeLimit":60,"ExitId":"3ecfa8cd-1904-4001-9012-a44457d6b1ae","CreateFromParamsJ":{"creationData":{"Title":"Shadows in the Snow","Description":"Can I call this a sonko challenge?\r\n\r\n<HCCE>","Targets":[{"Weapon":{"RepositoryId":"1a11a060-358c-4054-98ec-d3491af1d7c6","KillMethodBroad":"fiberwire","KillMethodStrict":"","RequiredKillMethodType":2,"RequiredKillMethod":"fiberwire"},"Outfit":{"RepositoryId":"44540c7c-fcbb-4de2-8983-523997584ed0","Required":true,"IsHitmanSuit":false},"RepositoryId":"d4337324-b8ae-4299-b1d7-9a16d6b249d3","Selected":true}],"ContractConditionIds":["1a596216-381e-4592-9798-26f156973942","008d2eb9-c1c8-44e0-a636-ccca63629f3c","95690829-7da4-4225-a087-08918cccf120"],"ContractId":"ab6df7fb-0612-4681-880f-594d9330363d","ContractPublicId":"110962957399"}}}

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JSON ruined.You should post json by that “</>” button

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it’s exactly what I did? :thinking:

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Yes sure, I’m on PS4

The trickiest SONKO challenge I ever made:

PS4 Contract: Mission Impossible
ID; 2-12-3854503-09

5 explosive device kills, if you get SA, you REALLY know your stuff!

…and here is my run, if you would rather just watch:

@Steynkie1 @Hitman4726 here you are the one i’ve been wanting to post for a long time.
Get Off My Lawn! – 2-22-9711086-94

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