WXPC - Weekly XP Competition

Greetings, members of the Hitman Forum. Today I present the beginning of @Charlie_Farmer 's weekly competition, the WXPC.

-How this works:

Every week, 2 or 3 contracts will be made according to a theme. These contracts have been made to present a challenge to all members of the community, whether you like to play casually, as a completionist, or speedrunner. However, to win, participants must have the highest score (not XP in the usual sense) whilst achieving a 5-star Silent Assassin rating.
No, that doesn’t mean the fastest time wins. To tackle the time bonus, we’ve added extra complications that, if completed, offer hefty rewards.

-How to submit runs?

To enter the competition, participants must record their run (with the Timer HUD enabled) and either post it on this thread or directly to @Charlie_Farmer or @0047. This second choice is in case participants fear their strategies may be ‘copied’ by others.
DO NOT FORGET to record all the way to the rating screen and to the detailed breakdown of the score (Press Square for PlayStation, Y for Xbox, the equivalent for PC). This is to verify your final score.

-What do you need to win?

You need all contracts to have a 5-star Silent Assassin rating and the highest mission score compared to all other participants involved. This can come from either the time bonus, complication completion, or a mixture of both.
(Yep, it’s been reiterated)
4-star runs aren’t accepted since kill techniques are compulsory. We won’t have a particular disguise involved though, so you can do it suit only or with disguises.
The winners of the individual contracts themselves will be announced first, and then the overall winner (who has the highest total score on all 3 of their runs) will be announced soon after.

-How is the winner rewarded?

Aside from bragging rights, a winner can produce a contract according to next week’s theme and can partake in the production of complications and roadmaps, or just in discussions.
Monetary rewards were, unfortunately, scrapped due to difficulties, for instance, with gift card vouchers being specific to countries. Stay tuned, however, since this may change.


Monday Evening (GMT)- theme is revealed
Tuesday Morning (~7AM GMT)- contracts are provided
Saturday 8PM GMT - submissions close. Winner announced soon after.

-Got anything to say?
Post your thoughts, ideas, or recommendations down below if you feel it is necessary. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Please refrain from arguments or unnecessary posts here, since it is meant to be well organised for participants to find posts.


Now, to reveal this week’s chosen theme, partying!
We chose this as the ideas were quite easy to implement, providing a solid start to the competition.


Today’s the day! The contracts have been released!


Huge thank yous to @Khakiasp for a lovely image, same goes for Sasha over on Reddit. Thanks to @Urben for his outstanding HCCE Tool and helping me install it, as well as creating the Epic IDs. Thank you to @Agent_MJ for the PS recreation, and finally, thanks to Mando for saving this week’s contracts with the last-second steam IDs.

  • Bangkok- Cake Cutting Connoisseur:

    • Hangover Effect: Knock out 3 NPCs, excluding targets, with blows to the head (+10,00 to score)
    • Cake’d: Eliminate a target with the birthday cake (+12,00 to score)
    • Join the party: Wear Colin Dwight’s glizz, I mean, outfit. (+4,00 to score)
  • Berlin- Fluorescent Feelings:

    • Hangover Effect: Knock out 3 NPCs, excluding targets, with blows to the head (+10,00 to score)
    • The Drop: Hype the crowd (+6,000 to score)
  • Mendoza- Blanco White Lies:

    • Hangover Effect: Knock out 3 NPCs, excluding targets, with blows to the head (+10,00 to score)
    • Connoisseur: Blend in with a drinking prompt for 10 seconds (+5,000 to score)

Good luck with your entries! Remember to record to the rating screen, and submit on this thread or via DMs as mentioned above.
You have until 8 PM (GMT) this Saturday.


was glad to help make the recreation on ps4. love the idea of a player made competition.


Shouldn’t i be in there for actually make the contracts, just saying.
I don’t mind if i’m not i just thought shouldn’t i?

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lmao you made the competition, credit automatically goes to you

Fair enough. BTW: you saw nothing

kind of been the one doing two of the contracts here and posted you guys the contract runs :sweat_smile:


and it’s over. only one to post my runs.

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Umm…obviously the fastest time will get the highest score? There is no other way to get the highest score BUT with the fastest time?

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It’s based on XP, so theoretically you’d have to complete as many challenges as possible (RIP if you already did them), shoot every camera, silent takedown everyone, then headshot/accident every guard, hide as many bodies as possible / all of them, etc.

It seems like a flawed idea in general to me and also doesn’t seem to account for the fact that the game will award XP on that screen for actions you did in another level, or did before restarting, so long as you didn’t get to a rating screen yet.


True and agreed.
I just posted what I was told :slight_smile:
As you can tell from a week of idleness, the creator @Charlie_Farmer has put this on hold for the timebeing due to poor reception.
Still, I’d imagine the contracts from ‘party’ would be alright and a bit of fun.
If, after the assumed reboot, this competition still fails, I will advise mods to move this to purgatory and I’ll just put the contract batches into the Fan Made Contracts.