Far Cry 5 ‌ ‍


Another Ubisoft title I guess.

Welcome to Hope County, Montana. Tune in on May 26th, 2017 to watch the Far Cry 5 Announce Trailer.



Oh no. I like the look of the setting, something different from “man in wilderness, proceeds to kill wilderness and everything else” but I’m burnt out on Ubisoft titles, save for Rainbow Six Siege which has become my favourite game this past year.

Ubi need new ideas - I feel most of their titles are copy-pastes of each other (Far Cry, Assassins Creed / Watch Dogs) but I’ll wait into E3 for a proper judgement.


Meh, not really looking forward to another Far Cry.
I fear it will just be another Ubisoft game: i.e. towers,bland main character, backseat story, RPG progression elements, and loads of unnecessary collectables.

As someone whos first Far Cry was the 3rd one, the formula (for both Far Cry and most Ubisoft games in general) for me has gotten stale and lazy.


I’m not that impressed with Ubisoft after Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Far Cry Primal and Divisjon, so i will not let myself be hyped by this video.

I will wait for reviews and such :blush:.



I love Far Cry, but they shall take their time to create something good. Please not every year a new Far Cry. Please. We’ll see, hope it will be awesome.
EDIT: I’ve heard that the enemy’s are from an “religious cult” - sounds interesting.


Only good ubisoft game these days is for honor. And that one has major problems as well.


YAAAY! A far cry about killing religious people!


I think everybody got his one opinion, but I have to agree, I’ve heard many good things about this game.


official soundtrack just got announced


Spin-off tv series?


Will we see the wingsuit? the same croco? same guns? towers to capture? places to capture? same treasure chests? I dont hope so. I want something new, do your job ubisoft. Please.


Something new and ubisoft in 1 sentence :joy:


That must be a bug. Maybe a DLC can fix it? :money_with_wings:


Worth checking out Siege as well - it’s basically For Honour but without a P2W feature due to unfair gear.


they patched out the unfair gear thing in the latest update pretty much in for honor.

And it wasnt really p2w. More who ever grinded the most wins.


Ahh fair enough, sounds good they have patched the gear! I played the open beta and loved it but didn’t have enough money to spend at the time. How is the connection now? Siege have just announced a 3 month season of connection / bug fixes, wondering if For Honour have followed suit.


Yeah there is where the problems are. See a lot off people getting disconnected mid-game.


Hyp for co-op w/ @SnakeGun (which, funnily enough, is the only reason I’m going to buy this)


How do you know it has co-op?

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