"Sniper of Sapienza" Contract ID 1-03-5661484-53 - SA breaks due to unseen ("un-senseable") guards

This is a contract mission which is obviously supposed to be done from a sniper position.
edit The parameters state use a sniper rifle to kill thet targets. Any diguise End edit
I set up in the town square tower. There are two guards on top of the ruins, “Rocco” on his
ubiquitous balcony, and the guard and gardener on the left side of the mansion property.

These last two are breaking SA 100% of the time. I shoot the guard and >90% of the time he falls away to the sea over the cliff and it gives me hidden body. The gardener being shot however immediately and forthwith breaks SA. If I try to lead him to the edge he instead takes a long roundabout path to the main gate and gets a guard. And then a second guard appeared.
The problem is sense seems to be unable to spot either of these two guards due to distance(?).

I got closer and I figured out why shooting the gardener results in broken SA.
A guard taking a smoke break in the garage and another on the balcony spots the body.
Again these are not “sense-able” from the tower or any other sniper position. I cannot
snipe from nearly anywhere and be able to time the shots.

I tried shooting at the windows for the balcony guard and into the garage for the one there then shooting at the guard on the ledge. That let me kill him “unnoticed” but the gardener being shot
breaks SA still. Almost as if his death in this manner is auto-spotted.

I also tried shooting the guards from a lower vantage point in the room w/ the recording device.
That still didn’t help b/c trees are so thick I cannot see the target(s).

Anyone have a clue what to do ? What am I missing?

I’ve actually reported this contract as broken. The real problem are obstructions blocking my direct
view of the targets and their overseers who was the real problem. A sniper assassin mission
should be possible for SA.

FYI: Just because a contract requires you to kill targets with a sniper rifle, doesn’t mean it’s a “sniper” contract i.e. specifically designed to be done from a single position. I don’t know what contract you"re talking about, but I can tell you it"s not broken. It just wasn’t designed how you think it should be (or agree with).

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I don’t think anything ever really gets done with those reports unless there’s something questionable in the mission briefing. As last I looked, the “impossible contract” in Hokkaido where Erich Soders is a target was still live and hadn’t been removed (when you kill him, it’s a non-target kill).

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There probably needs to be a distance requirement for a sniper kill to actually register as a sniper kill with being too close automatically causes an assault rifle kill to register instead. That way getting Silent Assassin and Sniper Assassin in one go is much more challenging.

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Well one of the conditions of the contract is to use a sniper rifle. So I cannot use a pistol to complete it.

Maybe it will get some sort of review since it’s a community made contract.

IDK. The parameters are use a sniper rifle. There are only 2 places high enough and with a low ledge to see those last two targets. One is the balcony of “Rocco” or the rooftop from the ICA safehouse. The other is the town square building. I tried the top tower level and the window which is 2 floors(?) lower. Both have same basic problem; cannot visually see the targets almost at all. I have to use sense only to even spot them. There are non-target enforcers that don’t show up with sense and whom spot your shooting one or both of the targets. And finally the last target seems to be scripted to not fo toward the ledge. All attempts to induce it with a shot makes him run for a guard in a long path to the gate, fountain and back w/ said guard. But he won’t get close to the edge such that a shot will toss him into the water and hide him.

So SA is not possible since no matter how I do the kills the body is seen.

I did actually kill him once w/o being spotted only to frustratingly have the body found
as a I was millimeters from getting into the car.

Yeah, use the sniper rifle. But kill the targets up close, at pointblank range, like you’re using a pistol. There’s no distance requirement like @Patrick_McColloch pointed out.

I tried up close. The object is SA. I cannot get SA if I am spotted and the only place up close to shoot from is the stairs into the ruins. One shot and I’m spotted. Tried 2 or 3x before aborting that.
Lack of save in contracts makes it take far too long to redo stuff.

I ended dispensing w/ the sniper for the last guy.
I lured him to the ledge and gave him a tug.
Got SA, but w/o being sniper which ruins the conditions of the challenge and loses points accordingly.

What system are you on? What’s the contract ID? What’s the name of the targets? List all complications as well.

i7-9700F, 16GB RAM, GTX1660Ti OC 6GB Windows 10 Home.
Contract: ‘The Sniper of Sapienza’
Contract ID: 1-03-5661484-53

All targets same thing. Sniper optional; Any disguise.
Two are on the top of the ruins. Both guards. Two on the mansion grounds, left of the main entrance.
They’re same as in main campain location. And one on the balcony. The one by the ICA Safehouse.

Complications: one exit (the small car by the entrance), all shots must be head shots, no recordings.
The last two also listed as optional but again not following those options results in loss of score.
So I’ve been knocking out the recorder system before going to the top of the tower.

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I’m on a different system, but it doesn’t matter. This will still work. I just need the exact names of the targets.

I haven’t played this contract (yet) but the complications are Required Exit, Headshots Only, and No Recordings. There’s no Perfect Shooter so distraction shots should work. KOs are allowed and there’s no time limit so you could technically KO the whole level then snipe the targets. No disguise or item is needed apart from a sniper rifle, so it should be possible to bring distractions or emetic items to force targets to move. I don’t see what makes this contract impossible :x

It’s not impossible. No Hitman contract (unless it’s purposely glitched) is impossible. But like all things, what’s easy for you might not be easy for the next person. And vice versa.

What is the point of a challenge called “The SNIPER of Sapienza” if I have to go KO’ing people to accomplish the kills? Operative word there is “SNIPER”. It should not be this complex. Shoot target, target dies. Escape. The whole problem here is the trees blocking normal vision and sense not
“seeing” the non-targets so I can time the shots better.

Sure not impossible. After kill 5 of 6 I went to the wall. Hung below it and lured the guy to me and then tossed him to the sea. Got SA/SO and completed the mission. No points for the last kill for using sniper rifle. The point of the challenge though is “SNIPER”. If I cannot snipe all the targets from afar what’s the point ?

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I figured out what the gardener was taking so long a path;

He was spotting the dead guard’s rifle on the ground. He goes to inform a guard who tells him take cover but the guard doesn’t collect the rifle. The targets gets to top of the steps and turns back to the gate and the whole script plays again of his talking about finding a weapon. The guard collects the weapon and that is what allows me to lure him to the edge so he can be shot/hidden.

WOW! That is a royal pain in the ass.
But the body doesn’t get spotted and it let me get SA/SO for this mission as a sniper.

Of course you’re right. I was just pointing that reporting that contract as broken seemed pretty harsh to me as I didn’t see anything that could warrant this at first glance :slight_smile:

I dunno, have you played Kevin Rudd’s Sniper Assassin contracts in Hitman 2? They weren’t just about getting to a high ground and shooting targets, most of the time you had to use distraction shots or cause accidents with the sniper, and they were among the best sniper contracts I played. Sniper contracts can be complex and great at the same time.

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The guard and gardener next to the limo… There is a mansion guard that goes toward the limo on the balcony. He might be seeing a body (or the guy being killed). But at least the guard should be propelled backward after being shot. If there’s anything here breaking SA (w/ body found) - my guess would be this guy.

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Yes. Precisely. There are two problems. The first one is the guard hit by the sniper rifle flies off the cliff but his revolver and rifle land on the ground. When I attempt to lure the gardener he turns and sees one or both and runs for a guard. His path though is weird. After he comes back and the guard removes the weapons he is still a royal pain in the ass to divert behind the car or to the cliff. I managed to do it ONCE in 5 tries (reloads). The guard patrolling is the 2nd problem. Can’t spot him thru the thick trees and he’s too far for sense. I had to locate him as he patrols toward the main door. And then I managed to get the gardener to go behind the car so I could shoot him.
The problem is there must be a body sweep mechanic. It’s a long distance to the car whihc is only exit for this contract. 3x in 4 attempts I got a random “a body is found” for one of the two guys shot on the ruins or Rocco who’s body I sniped so he landed inside his apt. On the fourth attempt I managed to get to the car while walking on egg shells the whole way. The contract though is done silent assasin, suit only.

In all this contract took 4hrs of real time in re-attempts and planning and not less than 20 total attempts.
Way, way too many.

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So I played it and didn’t find it particularly hard. Rocco’s body shouldn’t be spotted if you do a distraction shot inside his kitchen and snipe him there. The 2 guards on top of the tower don’t look at each other so you can snipe them in quick succession (and they’re both targets so it wouldn’t matter if they saw a body anyway). The gardener’s the only one who’s a bit difficult, I sniped him around the corner of the fountain when he was on his way to tell a guard about the gun he found (his body shouldn’t be found here). So definitely not “broken” in any way :x

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