Farah bug Ambrose Island

After doing the feat “IIrrefutable”, it is impossible to speak again to Farah and so it is impossible to do the “Get It Yourself” feat. Is anyone has found the solution or do we have to wait from IOI to correct the bug ?

“Get It Yourself” is just about throwing Farah with a coconut, there is no bug.


So Farah’s little quest line is one time only? I can’t speak to her at all in any new playthrough after completing her stuff. Or does is “reset” after throwing the coconut at her?

If you throw Farah with a coconut without waiting she asking you to find one, the feat is not validate.
The only possibility is to be able to speak to her and accept the challenges. Unfortunately you can do that only once.

I was able to do that challenge without speaking to her a second time. I don’t know how/why but it worked just fine.

can confirm, i also did the challenge without speaking to her. The quest in general seems to be bugged because some people are able to speak to her multiple times and others don’t (including myself), i’m still able to give her the photo to trigger the meeting though, i don’t know if this is for everyone or if there are people who can’t trigger the meeting this way.

yep. don’t even have to ask her. can straight up chuck it at her.

Sorry for this post, feat work launching a coconut (and not an apple!). But not possible to speak again to Farah.Thks to all the assassins

I mean, that still means there’s a bug, it just doesn’t affect the challenge unlock. I doubt it’s intentional that you can only interact with Farah in one single playthrough.

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Certainly feels like a bug to me. I can’t think of any other interactions besides the Hitmen 3 doors/ladders that are One-Time-Only. Everything should reset when you restart the map.


Pure speculation but might it be intentional so that if you want to make use of the photo setup you don’t have to go through the full fetch quest each time? After completing Farah’s requests once in all subsequent runs you can just go take the photo, run up to her and she says something like “do you have something for me?” then you give her the photo. Makes it less annoying than having to get a coconut and cigar box every time.

Any hints where to dig for the cigar box? I can’t figure it out for the life of me.

Bugged for me too. I’ve only been able to do the quest once.

It’s in a bee-line from the door of the cabin where you find the note. The picture in your intel points at the right spot.

When you got the photo you don’t have to meet Farah again. You just have to put the picture on Akka office and she will ask to meet Crest.
So we can keep Farah quest as there is another alternative to launch Akka/Crest meeting

Yeah i know you can put the picture on the desk, but that is a different option. You might want Akka to come to the room above Farah’s bar. it’s two different routes depending on where/who you give the photo to. After you’ve done it once why would you want to go grab a coconut, then dig up a cigar box before taking the photo?

It’s like Whittleton Creek, if i remember correctly, a fair amount of people were annoyed that you have to go get the clues on every playthrough, so the ‘Farah bug’ could actually be the developers deciding to have a one time ‘mission story’ (in all but name) that after the first run strips out the requirement to do the parts that are seen as less enjoyable.

Find a coconut. Ask her about a job. When she asks you for a coconut, save it. Then throw it at her. Then load your game and continue as though nothing happened. Easy.

I found a way to fix this bug. The saved data has to be deleted everywhere in order to be able to speak with Farah again.

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