Favorite Fictional Assassin (other than 47)

Just thought it would be interesting to list some of interesting Hitmen that weren’t 47. (Also hoping to see if any influenced 47).

Probably a lesser known one but Lorne Malvo from Fargo. Dude was highly terrifying and I don’t want to say more incase anyone decides to watch it.

Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men

Vincent from Collateral


Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad, from the first Assassins’ Creed.

Other than Agent 47 himself, I’ve never seen any other assassin in fiction take the job so seriously, and have so much success.


Despite him not wanting to join the hitman union he’s my 2nd fav… also Joan Cusack plays his pseudo handler/secretary. It’s a different dynamic than 47 and Diana. In this arrangement Joan clearly works for John, but their interactions are very funny.


By miles and miles and miles. He’s not a better assassin than 47, but he is the star of the best assassination story of all time:



The best assassination story of all time was what happened when Stan Lee got tired of Jack Kirby.

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Come to think of it, it’s time for a re-watch. :thinking:


Uh… Does John Wick count? :thinking:

Anton Chigurh

I haven’t watched Collateral yet, but Vincent sounds very interesting.

I’ve posted this in another topic, but this guy seems pretty bad-assed.

Sorter from the movie Revolver


I can’t believe I forgot John Wick.


Leon is like if 47 was real; he has the same professionalism, same emotional detachment, same standards, same accuracy, same methods. However, Leon does kill all the mooks of his main target, because in the real world, getting past them and to the target can’t really happen the way 47 pulls it off; henchmen have to be scrubbed so as to isolate the target. So if you were to make Hitman as real-world based as possible, Leon is who you get.


Oh yeah, Villanelle. She’s pretty good, but she takes too much joy in the actual killing to be effective long-term, as we see as her story unfolds. Never hire a sadistic sociopath as a contract killer on a regular basis, it’s too much exposure. Even the mob only used Richard Kuklinski sparingly.

John Wick, Jason Bourne, Black Mamba, James Bond, the Boondock Saints, and even Black Widow can all qualify here.


Does a group of assassins count? If so my pick would be La squadra esecuzioni from Jojo’s bizarre adventure part 5. Mostly because this group of assassins is incredibly well fleshed out and could act like the main characters of their own story. Hell, they even have the same motivation as the protagonist squad, but due to them wanting to reveal the boss themselves rather than wanting to work together the two groups fight.

all their abilities are great too and with the exception of Ghiacco’s White Album perfectly suited for sneaky assassination.

Favorite member of the group is Pesci, due to his role in the Grateful dead & Beach Boy fight
Favorite fight is a three way tie between Metallica vs King Crimson, White Album Gently Weeps or Grateful Dead & Beach Boy
Favorite Ability is Formaggio’s Little Feet a very versatile and fun shrinking stand with a cool design


This guy known only as “The Salesman” has got to be one of the smoothest operators in the contract killing business.

Lazlo Soot uncunny skills as a master of disguise is 47 at the next level.


The Jackal and Leon were already mentioned. I also have a soft spot for Ghost Dog from the movie of the same name and Jef Costello from Le Samourai, I think they were the first hitmen in fiction I came across:

Notice the bird in the cage!

Also enjoyed the French comic series Le Tueur / The Killer:


I think it’ll be Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin from the Dishonored series.


He’s probably my favourite fictional hitman, above Agent 47. Ruining people’s innocence as a source of enjoyment makes him a very interesting character, and Billy Bob Thornton plays him incredibly well. Aces! :point_right: :point_right:


Ray Shoesmith, main character of the FX show Mr. Inbetween. Highly underrated.


Ah Jong / Jeffrey / SHRIMP HEAD / Whatever name they gave him in the silly dubbed version you watched


The first console game I ever played. (PlayStation 1, 1998)