Favorite Ways To Do Kill Everybody Challenges

I love doing kill everybody challenges in Hitman, especially after a long frustrating day of work. Here are some of my favorite maps to do it on and my favorites methods to start off the “challenge”.


  • Snipe civilians on the red carpet with silverballer from the attic starting location
  • Electrify the models and stylists from the garden next to the stylist area
  • Electrify the attendees at the garden outside of the bar


  • Push Rocco off and snipe people with silverballer from his apartment


  • Start at default entrance, wear the cowboy suit, and bring an smg. Go to the shed that has the quad bike. Use the shed as a camping spot and start blasting. Watch the bodies pile up at the door.
  • Wickerman challenge

Mumbai (be aware that I’ve never finished a kill everyone challenge here yet)

  • Make use of all the cars and motorcycles and create tons of explosions

Isle of Sgail

  • Snipe npcs from the church starting location


  • Hide in the heather in Vinedo Yates and kill npcs from there. Have fun darting around the guards.

What are your favorite ways to do kill everyone challenges?

Since on more than one occasion any 'Kill All’s that I’ve done resulted in the game either freezing upon exiting or just outright crashing I really almost only kill all guards/enforcers, but that doesn’t mean a regular NPC won’t be killed in some instances.

With that I usually snipe any lone guards that I can that are outside. If inside I’m more likely to distract/lure and lethal melee kill. Anytime an accident kill is available I’ll use that. The less agro’d they are the better.

Re: The Wickerman challenge/EE… Find a camera to get spotted by and let some of the guards come to you.