Favourite/Best Mission Soundtrack in the WoA Trilogy?

That one is so awesome. Reason why I picked Mumbai. Isle of sgail has a sequence I really like as well (you hear it most clearly whens tarting on top of the Keep), but those few seconds didn’t warrant a vote in the end.

Whittleton Creek I love listening to while working. It’s got a great build-up, from jolly and careless to something pointing to formidable military might. It works so well with Janus, though the part of the track I like most is apparently linked to Nolan Cassidy.

Chongqing soundtrack works great in-game. A bit like those few seconds I mentioned in Sgail, but longer.

Honorable mention: Colombian mansion grounds music.
Haven is also pretty nice. Reminds me of Donkey Kong sometimes. There’s no greater compliment in terms of music, but sadly not enough to make top 3.