Favourite/Best Mission Soundtrack in the WoA Trilogy?

There´s been discussion on which of the three WoA games has the best main menu music, but I´m curious as to what are people´s preferences regarding the music in individual levels. Which are your favourites or you consider best? Feel free to discuss them in detail as well.

There´s a lot to choose from, so you can pick up to three. Paris+Bangkok and Colorado+Hokkaido are merged since they share the same soundtrack.

  • ICA Facility
  • Paris/Bangkok
  • Sapienza
  • Marrakesh
  • Colorado/Hokkaido
  • Hawke´s Bay
  • Miami
  • Santa Fortuna
  • Mumbai
  • Whitteton Creek
  • Isle of Sgail
  • New York
  • Haven Island
  • Dubai
  • Dartmoor
  • Berlin
  • Chongqing
  • Mendoza
  • Carpathian Mountains

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Sapienza’s Soundtrack was a bit of a motivation at least for me. It had an inviting rhythm that could make you like the game.


H2016 soundtrack was too bland for me, with the exception of the main menu, I can’t remember a single track. With H2 on the other hand, I remember pretty much all of it. Will have to wait and s̶e̶e̶ hear H3 when it launches on Steam :stuck_out_tongue:
I voted for Mumbai, Isle of Sgail and Haven but if I could, I would also add Whittleton Creek and New York :smiley:

The Trainyard

Lower Castle

Underwater Server Farm


Executive Office


Well, Salem´s got you covered on YT in the meantime… :wink:

Haha, I was thinking of allowing 5 options, but that would make it too easy. I wanna see what people go for when they really have to drop one or two of their favourites :grin: I went with Miami, NY, and Haven, with Chongqing being the potential no. 4 (Dubai would be the next closest contender I guess).

Also, I completely forgot to include the Sniper Assassin music, but I guess nobody will mind :joy:

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Wait…WoA has different Tracks? The only ones that stood out for me were 2016s and H3s Main Themes.

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You have to turn off the C47 soundtrack playing from your PC non-stop to hear them.


My top 3 would be:

  1. Haven
  2. Berlin
  3. Chongqing

Sapienza is so unique and beautiful, Colorado/Hokkaido instantly takes me there and Sgail does an amazing job of conveying the massive old money/conspiracy vibe. I didn’t vote for Mendoza only because I ran out of votes but all of the tango tracks go straight for my heart.

@MrOchoa give Salem a chance. Whoever they are, they’re doing to lord’s work. I always have these on in the background while I’m working




i love that track but that video just blasted the fuck out of my speakers :smile:


Salem voting for Carpathian makes me think that something goooood is coming :wink:. Doubted there would be that much music for the train, but I’d like to be proved wrong.


I’ve been looking forward to that one. Fact is, I can barely hear the music over the train noise when outside :sweat_smile: I absolutely love that bit that plays once you reach the office sections though (specifically the second wagon with the standing clerk/analyst and guard).

Also, I gotta give some love to Marrakesh. While its tracks overall may not be as memorable as some of the others, the music still does a good job, and I absolutely adore that little bit at 31:00 (also hearable in other forms around 9:15, 32:38, and 35:50). Always reminds me of Syriana for some reason…

And then there´s the market/bazaar music of course :grin:

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The radio music in Marrakesh fucking slaps and it’s a fucking children’s song lol


Is it?? That along with the setting makes it all the more funny…

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There were so many I wanted to include but if it’s only top 3 it’s Mumbai, New York and Chongqing.

I’m not a huge fan of the 2016 OST, 2 had some really high highs, and 3 is the best overall. But I really did forget how good 2’s OST was until I re listened.


Still a bit sad that I can only vote 3, there are so many amazing tracks in this trilogy!


I´ll probably do an updated poll in the future (unless someone beats me to it) with 5 votes and including the Sniper Assassin and Patient Zero, as well as any potential new music they might add :wink:

Or we could do a bracket, force people to choose :smiling_imp:

That one is so awesome. Reason why I picked Mumbai. Isle of sgail has a sequence I really like as well (you hear it most clearly whens tarting on top of the Keep), but those few seconds didn’t warrant a vote in the end.

Whittleton Creek I love listening to while working. It’s got a great build-up, from jolly and careless to something pointing to formidable military might. It works so well with Janus, though the part of the track I like most is apparently linked to Nolan Cassidy.

Chongqing soundtrack works great in-game. A bit like those few seconds I mentioned in Sgail, but longer.

Honorable mention: Colombian mansion grounds music.
Haven is also pretty nice. Reminds me of Donkey Kong sometimes. There’s no greater compliment in terms of music, but sadly not enough to make top 3.