Favourite Kill in the series

nah, man. the values are really skewed. i don’t want to derail the thread any more than i have, but i’m happy to explain it somewhere more appropriate. give me a sec.

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Codename: Drowning Fritz Fuchs in the swimming pool.

Silent Assassin: Botching Ji’s heart surgery as the doctor.

Contracts: Killing Winston Beldingford as he slept, not by smothering him, but using the pillow to suppress the gunshot.

Blood Money: Switching the Mausers and having D’Alvade executed for real.

Absolution: Firing the whale harpoon and sending Layla into orbit.

H1: Soders being turned into Swiss cheese by KAI’s robotic arms.

H2: Sealing Sophia Washington inside the iron maiden.

H3: Finishing off Yates with the letter opener.


Not technically a kill, but Arthur Edwards with Ether’s serum.

Probably the most unique one in the series. I’ve said it before: only 47 is good enjoying your assassinate a man and completely wipe him off the face of the earth, without killing him.

There are many great ones. If I had to pick I would choose Silvio Caruso with the explosive golf ball. Or maybe with the cannon. Both are ridiculous and over the top and I like it :laughing:

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I’d have to say the same kill for me. Especially because it parallels the story of the opera, the execution is supposed to be fake, but it’s actually real.


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The wife in A New Life getting set on fire

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the hippo kill in santa fortuna

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