Feature Request: Contract Modes Search: Featured

So, I’m trying to get the screwdriver unlock, but that only happens if I do a certain number of contracts of a specific variety (certain maps, must be featured).

While it’s possible to search Contracts by Mission, it doesn’t seem possible to search Featured contracts only. That seems like it’d be a somewhat easy (maybe?) implementation, since that seems like it’d only have to check (is featured, yes or no).

Would love to have that be a function added to the contracts search.


“Featured Contracts” have their own bookmark in the Contract Mode interface.

“Game Modes”

“Featured Contracts”


That doesn’t solve the problem of having to dig through the entire list to find the ones for the maps I need for the achievement. Which is why I asked for it within Contract Search.


Yes, it is necessary to go through the list. But FC is a smaller amount…
For a “Professional Screwdriver” is need to finish Featured Contracts on maps of 3 season.

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To get it, you have to complete 70 contracts.

That’s not a small amount of contracts to be digging through a list like that.


I usually look first at images. That makes it easier.

When you’ve already done the first 5 pages of contracts, it gets to a point where you think, “There’s got to be an easier way”.


It is not, and yes, it will take time.

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this is a great idea and tbh i’ve always wanted to find a way for them to filter featured contracts via location

a way to do this could be for example to have a tile for featured contracts on the destinations tab that are set in that location but idk if thatd get too crowded

i think @Joseph is being a bit pedantic by saying it should never happen. game has some bad ui yo! we can admit that about the things we love


I never claimed that “it should never happen.” I only point to facts.
I personally don’t see it as a problem because the day before yesterday I was going through the contacts from Bangkok (around 4300) and I got to the end of the last one.

Each FC also has a location listed below.

ah damn a little bit of text thatll help me find it

Ahh yes, the joy of browsing through 20 pages of contracts for the achievements, still having those painful memories :stuck_out_tongue:

A better search method and overall improvements of contracts mods would be definitely appreciated :+1:



Returning to the contracts page after completing a mission would also be a great improvement that seems so ridiculously easy to implement one wonders why it hasn’t happened despite the many requests.