Featured contract unlocks?

Ok I see all of these unlocks by doing X amount of featured contracts
How do I know how many I have completed so far is there a way to know

There should be a counter showing how many you have done so far under the challenge. I don’t have a picture of it, but it’s a red/white line with a number counter above it.



where do I find them? All I am seeing is on the monthly map posting

Gamemodes>Contracts>Featured Contracts>pick a random contract there>challenges


As bgyorok wrote, you can find out how many Feautred Contracts you’ve completed by viewing the Featured Contracts challenges.

Game Modes > Contracts > Featured Contracts > select any Featured Contract > go to the Challenges tab.
There’s a counter for both the Featured Contracts Track 1 and Track 2 challenges.

The Track 1 challenges is for the Hitman 1+Hitman 2 locations Featured Contracts, while the Track 2 challenges is for the Hitman 3 locations Featured Contracts.
Viewing any of the challenges is how you’ll find out how many Featured Contracts you’ve completed for both the Track 1 and Track 2.

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By the way, does Featured Contracts progression carry over between Hitman 2 and Hitman 3 or did you have to do them all over again? Are the corresponding challenges (Featured Contracts - Track 1) unlocked automatically? I will pick up the game once it’s released on Steam and want to know what to expect. Thanks!

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All the challenges were locked at the start.
Only if you requested a Progression Transfer all the challenges that were transferred, unlocked automatically after the process is completed.
The brand new challenges can’t be unlocked without achieving them, so HITMAN 3 challenges haven’t any progression as they are completely new.

Personally I haven’t done a progression transfer so all my challenges were locked and I had to achieve everything again from the very scratch.
I think same applicable to Tier and Featured Contracts general challenges, but those who did a progression transfer can tell you something on that more definitely.
Tier set of challenges is a completely new, so I don’t think you have any of progression on them without playing Featured Contracts

Could someone who actually transferred progression from H2 maybe help out? I understand that I won’t have any H3-related Featured Contracts challenges unlocked on a new copy. What I’m wondering is whether I’ll have to grind through 40+ contracts on the old maps to unlock the new Track 1 challenges…

No, you won’t have to do them if you’ve already completed them in HITMAN 2 prior to doing the Progression Carryover process.
If you’ve completed 10 Featured Contracts in HITMAN 2, you’ll have completed 10 completed Featured Contracts in the Track 1 challenges in HITMAN 3.

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Glad to hear that, thanks!