Featured contracts doability

Alright so I just finished a featured contract but couldnt possibly do it 100% so may I kindly request some consideration moving forward from the contracts creator and/or curator despite the fact i understand these are optional?

To explain, tell me what is wrong here…?

No idea? Well, you cant start as penthouse staff in dubai yet you are expected not to change disguide either you see?

The other one was asking for explosive accident yet also asking for perfect shooter (all shots must hit an NPC)

You cant have your cake and eat it too aye?

You can start as penthouse staff at mastery 19

Also sparks activate explosions so throw a propane tank drop a taser next to it set it off and you should be good


Edit: thank you for the input. I had a brain fart and mixed up penthouse guards with staff but you get the point. Ive seen it times again before.

The other one had no propane flask to be found, only a gas heater in plain public where the NPC didnt go to and no disguise where you could legally losen the gas valve (does that even exist?)

That was in dartmoor garden btw. I had the EMP charge with me but even propane flasks or those large ones you cant move or even the fuel barrels wont explode with it unless shot once ahead of time although ill experiment wth the taser like I did the EMP.

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If you tell me the name of that Dartmoor featured contract i will try it later and see how I can do it and then I will leave a post here with instructions on how I did it if you still need help

Perhaps hopefully an oversight on my end but thank you!

It is String theocracy under Puzzle box on the 1st page.

Have fun :slight_smile:

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Ok I’ll do it later ( like in 9 hours or so it’s almost midnight for me so I should probably sleep ) and yeah hopefully I can be helpful

Good night.

Oh and i just had the same outcome, I just tried now: neither normal or micro taser will explode propane flasks, tanks or oil barrels unless you shoot once at it (or puncture or loosen valve but thats always illegal as far as i know), just like the EMP.

Ill try throwing it though as you mentioned.

In Dartmoor there are two propane flasks in the kitchen.
You can activate it by throwing it somewhere. Like on the ground near you or the target.
Mind: not place or drop, but throw.
When it thrown it starts to produce smoke. In this case it can be blown by a smoker, by taser, by breaching charge, by throwing car battery near it.

Also, I recommend you to use hitmaps.com - very useful source of everything you need in the game


As far as I know there are only a few FCs that cannot be completed SA without glitches, the worst offender being “Media Blackout” in Chongqing (you need to trigger a really obscure glitch as the creator didn’t care about SA at all), and a couple of annoying ones that rely on the gun lure like “Uncool” or “I’m burning up doc”. Aside from that they’re all possible to do SA glitchless.

Isn’t Vatican Privilege the worst?

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Well you can technically do it glitchless, it just takes like 20 minutes :x

You can use a concussion explosive to trigger the propane/gas lamp explosion without needing to make it leak, just make sure the concussive explosion is far enough so it does not hit any NPCs.

For the featured contract in Dartmoor I used a piercing sniper and shot one of the targets when they were aligned with the gas lamp.

Right but this garden show so the kitchen is closed :slight_smile:

I do use it, phenomenal website.

SA ok but is it possible to nail all conditions regardless of the outcome?

Do we know if featured contracts have to show “proven” possible with all conditions like regular contracts are before being publicly published?

Good thinking but try this contract and youll see the conundrum placing a coin without others to see, or the target herself too soon, then run away in the bushes away from crowds then place that perfect shot last second :slight_smile:

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Ok and i found 2 flasks on hitmaps so sorry about that.

That really doesn’t require the gun lure bug to get SA…

Just emetics and body dragging

Every time someone complains about that contract, the Pope gains another year of life


I did it but I don’t know if this is actually helpful or not oh well


Shame. You didn’t say it was DGS.
That’s why I don’t like this mission, of its restrictiveness