Featured Contracts - F7SC (Jul 15)

Not into the whole speedrun aspect and on their own there’s nothing crazy standout about these contracts, but this batch is good and notable in the context of all the other FCs so far not really having any unrestricted contracts; plus the whole “targets at different starting locations” concept was decent :+1:

Although this is what happens when they’ve only put in 6 community FCs to the game in the space of 6 months; crazy that it’s taken this long to get FCs like this


Yeah I normally like them but these are crazy.

Violin/muffin glitches are like wallbangs to me. They just ruin it IMHO. If you feel like doing it, go right ahead :wink:

Sometimes being the quickest isn’t always enjoyable. At all.

I did like the Berlin one though. The Dubai shot from the bar to the penthouse was insane. I wanted to rage quit.

Still, these are the best FCs to come out for a long time. The Sloth ones were cool too though.


For the Dubai contract, I went for a falling object on the first target (penthouse waiter/ staff). You can poison him and do it in less time. With the poison kill, I was able to do it in 2:32, which is 25 seconds faster.


Eyo 1:47


Played all 3… Freeform type contracts? Not entirely sure what you would call for contracts that have an any method and any disguise format on the targets. It’s pretty good and fun on all 3. If I had to rank these 3 from top to bottom - NeverEnding Nights, Reluctance To Work, and Less Is More. Yeah, most of the targets are in stationery spots and there’s always one target that is in such an odd spot in each of the contracts. That one Block Guard in Less Is More always stand next to a non-target. I was pretty stumped in how to get rid of him. However I did enjoy playing all 3. Probably worth playing it again for a better score and time.

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That one was really fun HITMAN 3 - F7SC FC Neverending Nights (1:36) - YouTube