Featured Contracts - F7SC (Jul 15)

Released Thursday 15th.
(contract images)

Contract details:

KOats: Less in More (Chongqing)

Eliminate Alva Cowell, block guard
Eliminate Dusty Feltner, street guard
Eliminate Raymundo Alfano, block guard
Eliminate Luli He, dumpling cook

KOats + Mendie: Neverending Nights (Berlin)

Eliminate Baldur Althaus, bartender
Eliminate Volker Wuertz, club security
Eliminate Hartmut Bauers, club security
Eliminate Egbert-Jan De Graaf, DJ

Frote: Reluctance to Work (Dubai)

Eliminate Aslam Wahba, event security
Eliminate Saabir Javid, event security
Eliminate Muayid Sofran, penthouse staff
Eliminate Janna Wyght, tech crew


These were excellent, enjoyed all 3 and I like the fact that there were no restrictions. Opens them up a lot. Here is my attempts. No idea how these stack up in the grand scheme as I’m one of the first to finish them on Xbox :rofl:

Less is More by @KOats in 1:36

Reluctance to Work by @Frote7 in 1:48

Neverending Nights by @mendietinha & @KOats in 1:13


That was Frote.


I have only played “Reluctance to work” until now, but that was already a very fun contract. Here is my go at it (forgive me for sucky aim)

That got me a (probably very temporary) #1 spot on the PlayStation, but this run can clearly be improved upon. But first I’ll sink my teeth into the others :slight_smile: .


STRONGARM will show up now. Never does anything original, just copies and grinds, I guess. He always waits for someone to post videos on YouTube before he comes in and takes over 1st place. I still think he is pulling a fast one somehow. Nice runs though, crewdy. :+1:

Edit: Case in point…any Featured Contracts I have 1st place on do not have any videos posted by me. STRONGARM can’t even come close. The moment someone posts a video of their great run, there he is…he never posts videos as far as I know, because he has nothing original to show. I have no desire to let this guy copy my efforts. Despite congrats given to him in the beginning and eventually calling him out for his nonsense, nothing but dead silence from him. He/she/it knows we’ve nailed it to the cross. I like figuring out these puzzles and watching others who DO post videos. If your runs are better than mine, great job! I can’t take credit for someone else’s clever ideas and you will see me somewhere lower on the leaderboard. If I use something technical or part of another’s route, I will THANK you! BIG difference, in my opinion…


Those contracts were fun! Loved how they didn’t have any restrictions. They were almost too easy – SA on the first try – but still entertaining enough for me to give each one of them another run. Just to see if I find another route. I’m no speedrunner so not going to improve my runs any more after this second run.

The only thing I didn’t like that much was that the targets didn’t really have a route. Just a few steps at the most. But I guess that’s a speedrunner thing?


Beat the mission in 47 seconds is like a “straight flush”.
Be the 47th on the ranking is like a “royal flush”.


Not really. The “theme” or concept behind these contracts was having targets near starting locations, thus allowing multiple starting locations being viable, and the routing be a puzzle. Puzzle as in finding the fastest route.

That’s where the challenge lies in these contracts, simply completing them SA will be on the easy side, no doubt.


These look awesome! I can’t wait to dig in! Love watching Frote7 and his gang do their stuff. Made me a better Hitman overall. Thanks!:sunglasses::+1:


That’s what I suspected. As I said: They were fun. But I prefer some moving targets – that’s just a personal taste.


I dont disagree. Glad you still enjoyed them though


This is why I’ve stopped caring about his times now. I did my routing, I got to the top on my own volition and that’s enough for me. There will always be people out there that just take others routes and perfect them, nothing we can do about that but accept it and move on to the next contract.


You are right. I gave you credit for my run on All in a Day’s Work, “Yoda”, finding one little twist in your run that shaved off 3 seconds. While not a Featured Contract, the run still was 99.9% yours. The videos people provide have given me insight to new tactics I wouldn’t have thought of, especially Ed B, ColdDayinHell, and yourself. The contract crew on XBox is phenomenal and I have become a better player from watching you folks. The fun is figuring out the puzzle, and sometimes I simply walk and sloth my way thru them.


I enjoyed these contracts, even if they were slightly easier than I anticipated. I’m going to try and reroute them to save some time.

Reluctance To Work was a fun contract and it didn’t take me too long to make a ‘base’ method which I can improve.

Neverending Nights was also good. I can definitely improve that run in places.

Finally, Less Is More was very good, I enjoyed this one the most. I like how the targets were reasonably spread out, but there is a good direct route you can take.

My only complaint, like other people have mentioned, is that the targets were static. They were still good nevertheless.


Played the China one a little while ago. Great contract by KOats


For those interested in how we picked these contracts:

Our community hosts monthly big hitman tournaments, one of them being the Speedrun Competition.

This Speedrun Competition had two winners (1 for console, 1 for pc), and we decided to let each winner create a contract.

One of the winners (Ducker on console) decided to give Mendietinha (legendary hitman player) the honor of creating one, and he made the Berlin one together with KOats, the other winner (KOats on pc), created the China contract.

The 3rd one was decided to be created by the admins of our community, with me being the one to create it at the end.

We wanted to give back to our community and have their names cemented in the Hitman 3 game, very proud of them!


This a great set of contracts. Enjoyed all of them. I’m not a speedrunner but I do love contracts that have lots of routing options. Not necessarily about picking what’s fastest for me but picking what’s best for my lower skill level.


Trying really hard to beat your Dubai time while tired is a terrible idea. Annoyed myself too much!
Lost SA at 1:46 about 5m away from the exit.


Good luck on the grind :raised_hands: I haven’t played them yet, hope to get to it on the weekend :blush:


JFC, Koat’s Chonqing run is incredible.

And I hate glitching :rofl:

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