Featured Contracts - Legacy Maps?

Hi all! Just getting back into the world of 47…

I’m a huge fan of featured contracts, as they’re released simultaneously for all platforms, often have the most eyes on them, and are a very fun way to keep the game fresh, months after release. I do enjoy everything HM3’s maps have brought us, but I’ve come to realize how much I long for revisiting the locations of HM1 and HM2…

I think if IO added a 4th featured “legacy” contract from a location, this would be an incredibly cool addition that would trigger nostalgia for those who’ve been around for a while. It could be greyed out on screen for those who haven’t purchased it, which might in turn create interest and additional sales of that content.

I’m aware many users do create contracts from the legacy maps and some are excellent - however, there is an additional boost in value when featured contracts are announced and released and makes the challenge feel more streamlined and official…

Does anyone else agree with me that adding HM1 and HM2 locations to the featured contract batches would be pretty awesome?


They’ll probably start doing legacy map FCs when the hitman 3 FC tracks are filled.

How long before then do you think that is? Is there a target # of HM3 FC tracks to fill?

This is what we know from the October IOI Insider livestream: