Featured Contracts November 24th, 2022 - Frivolous Fables

The new batch of Featured Contracts has been released.

There once was seven dwarves, this is not them. It’s better. It’s seven featured contracts !

Congratulations to all that were selected !


Congratulations to the winners. Look forward to playing these contracts.


hopefully the winter featured contract will give me luck. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:



Literally so happy right now omg


Congrats to the winners. Now I can get out of that Big Bad Wolf Suit and go into Holiday Mode.


i liked it, felt like in 2016.


I have got 4 featured in the past 5 batches. I think i caught the whole thunderstorm in the bottle. :joy:
Congratulations to the other winners. :partying_face:


after playing some older contracts, i got inspired to go old school


My first featured contract!!
I’m super stoked, that I made the cut this time :tada: :partying_face:

Congratulations to other winners as well, GG!


Looks like a pretty good selection. Three Little Pigs and RIP HCA in particular caught my eye during the submissions, glad they were chosen :slight_smile:


I like all of them except for The Fortune Tellers, and I disliked that one only because I don’t like the idea of killing the target while wearing the target’s outfit. All but that one I managed to get Silent Assassin. I cheesed the fortune teller one though and just wore whatever instead of the fortune teller outfit.

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I’ve played a few of them already. Some really cool new additions, well done to all those who got featured :+1:t2:


So here’s a quick review after playing all of them.

The Hitman & The Apricot

Really good contract. At first I saw all those targets far away from each other and was kinda overwhelmed, but then the Sgail magic happened and I managed to find a good route. I really liked that you can technically do this one with no KOs and no disguise changes but it doesn’t enforce them. I can definitely see myself replaying this. 5/5

The Tortoise and The Hare

It was fine by itself, but I felt like I already played something similar a few times. I also felt like I had to KO a bit too many extra NPCs but maybe that’s just me playing bad. Could be worth a second playthrough to try to refine my method. 3/5

R.I.P. Hans, Christian, Andersen

Amazing flavor, maybe a bit too short though. I don’t really like sneaking around the embassy so I did it as janitor, but if I might try to replay this suit only if I manage to get over my embassyphobia (if we get a Subject 47 suit one day I’d use that for maximum flavor). 4/5

The Fortune Tellers

It was funny but that’s about it :confused: Two unmoving targets and no complications so there’s not much to do here. 2/5

The Three Little Pigs

It took me forever to finish this one because I kept doing it wrong (KO in water is not drowning, sea water doesn’t electrocute, and I used the wrong kind of taser anyway). Aside from those mistakes it was still pretty good and the flavor was spot on. 4/5

The Mice and The Fox

I didn’t like this one much :confused: It felt a bit too generic, the weapon and disguise were right next to the targets (and I really disliked having to kill that homeless guy, although that’s just a matter of personal preference). Could probably have used a complication or two. 2/5

The Forgotten Axe

I took the easy road and did this as biker, but it’s probably more interesting to do this suit only. I think it was the first time I used that axe lol, I didn’t even know it was possible to conceal it. The lack of rhymes and rhythm in the briefing kinda triggered me but that’s just my literature major side complaining. 3/5










I had a bug on R.I.P. HCA. I first poked the guard in the office Rm next to the guy sulking. Instead of heading straight to a bathroom, he went towards the other target in the massage Rm, phasing through the wall. Even the neck-snap didn’t alert the other target. So I took it without starting over. :confused:

Edit: I thought something was strange when I could see him walking through where desks should’ve been in instinct.

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Congrats to all for getting a FC this month. Looking forward to playing them.


I like stripping the clothes off the Fortune Teller and then observe him realize he is naked and then running to find a new outfit, to then observe him slowly settle down in his chair again to get blown up.

The Hitman & the Apricot was the only challenging feature contract. I did it very safe, but there were many options for a fast speed run I see.

There have been a lot of contracts with killing the different crew mechanics, but I like the Miami location vibe.

The forgotten Axe had unique kills we haven’t seen in previous contracts.

The rest were straightforward.

lets gooooo i got picked (i made the mice and the fox)

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you are probably right on the complication part, its sometimes hard to straddle the line between “not enough complications” and “too many complications”. thanks for the criticism! :grinning: