Featured contracts unlocks - Placeholder 70/100

I wonder if there will be more than 70 featured contracts placehodler eventually, and mostly what would you like to see as unlocks?

I’m thrilled with the screwdriver and I’d love to see some scrapped content from the beta version, some real new content this time such as the oil can (jerrycan) where you could spread oil on the ground then ignite it, or the incendiary shotgun for instance.

Both can be seen on youtube, i just don’t recall the link right now.

How about you?

Here is the shotgun at 0.45

I think there’s a pretty good chance they’ll add more Featured Contracts challenges with unlocks. A silenced Striker or Remote Emetic Gas Device MK III would be amazing, but if they do more Ducky themed reskins I’d like a quack sound effect to go along with it.


I’m just not sure what a Remote Emetic Gas Device MK III would do other than an extra sticker.

A green emetic ducky would be ace though!


Just the ability to have double fart briefcases on a mission would be amazing, you’re right though, having it in ducky form would be pretty cool

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Make sense, quite often I’m glad I have redundant items in case I need more than one.

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Probably not since they’ve got the new locations that are coming that they would be able to attach unlocks to that they’re wanting to add to the game.

I wouldn’t expect to see any more FC challenges until those are out at the earliest, if at all.

A ducky baller variant (SA not FA) would be great.

Oh yes, quack sound effect sounds amaaaaazing!!

you know i love to see in 100 i know people might kill me an outfit