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Guize pls, continue enlightened Vatican Privilege discussion here

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I shot him from the cafe/Sanguine area below the cliffs near the manor kitchen

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fwiw, I shot him from by the anchor in the harbor. You occasionally get a little bit of a yellow notice meter, but it’s very rare. It’s also possible from around the corner of the morgue. Again, you’ll get a little bit of a noticed meter - but that’s from one of the gardeners.

Oh, I remember how some really creative players managed to get Abiatti really fast to talk to the priest by distracting every one he talks to on his way to the church. That was fun!


That’s how I achieved the no 1 spot :wink:


congrats dude well done

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Thanks. This actually took me a day or two lol. For some reason I just didn’t want to give up. Worth it in the end.

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but hey as long you hit no 1 pal thats good

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Believe it or not, this was also part of the intended contract design, though there was at least one conversation that I couldn’t find a way to skip in testing (namely the surgeon who Marco shakes hands with on the red carpet). Luckily some clever people found a way to do that, as well as speed up other parts of his route that I don’t know about.

Skipping the waitress wine-tasting and the husband/wife photo was intentional, though methods varied. Is there a way to make him finish his conversation with the priest any quicker, maybe by standing near him?

My final best time was 9:17 but during creation it was closer to about 11 minutes (not having to snipe him off the roof saves a lot of time - I think I was fiddling with restricted loadout contracts at the time so an extra slot of gear might make a lot of difference). I appreciate everybody who took the time to complete this contract the intended way, and extend my non-heartfelt apologies because it’s an April Fool’s contract and I didn’t expect it to get picked in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think this is the correct place to post this, but feel free to move it elsewhere if I’m wrong.

I just got done having a bitch of a time with the Coin Collapse contract. The issue was two-fold: the first target never registered as being killed by accident from a falling object when I kicked the pile of bricks on him (I reported this in the bug thread last night), and getting the third target to actually stop under the pile of bricks I was meant to kick onto him proved problematic. So, I just got done beating it this morning, and thank goodness for the Sieker and Remote Emetic Gas device that can be triggered from a briefcase. Through a lengthy and very involved process that took between forty five minutes to an hour to complete, during which any number of things could have gone wrong but somehow didn’t, I managed to just knock out all three targets and drag them to the suspended concrete circle at the back of the club and drop it on all of them at once. It counted for the first target, so for some reason, it’s just not registering for that pile of bricks that he’s near. But I’d finally got it done and it was perfect, with the only unconscious body found being spotted by one of the targets, and the issue was gone once he died.

Much harder than the creator of the contract intended I’m sure, mainly because of that bug, but I got it done with a perfect score after nearly giving up on it until IO could address the problem. Perseverance: it works.


This is the featured contracts master thread yes?

Without downloading that Dropbox file, how many FCs are we at right now? It’s gotta be just about 80 right?

So what’s the next unlock? Your thoughts please. I’m still holding out for an emetic duck despite that being a pretty OP item. Maybe a ducky EMP reskin.

Also, maybe in an upcoming patch IOI can finally just properly order the Featured Contracts challenges. A guy can dream.

Thank you, “Count.”

With the ICA Facility, we’re at 80 FCs on the H3 track. So what are we gonna get??

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I would ask more important question here: will we get further game updates at all?
I mean it’s been quite a small, I might even say cosmetics patch for about last half a year.
And we didn’t get any monthly roadmap for 2022 yet, so the future of “live service” is quite foggy right now.
By the live service foremost I mean the game updates, not new content.
Also they promised a new challenge for Heartbreaker #2, but I don’t see any, and he’s about to leave already.
Will they add and tick it retroactively? I doubt

The “new challenge” they alluded to was just assassination challenges for Heartbreaker #2. They couldn’t reuse the previous Heartbreaker challenges because they would have been already completed for people who already did it.

As for your first question… I’m not so sure. I’ll wait until March, but if we don’t get a new roadmap then, I’ll expect the only updates to the game we’ll get is when there’s a new Year 2 content drop (Freelancer, New Location), and another Year 2 update halfway through the year. :man_shrugging:
It was kind of a hectic launch, I can see why maybe their plans would change? Though I’d like an answer either way if our roadmap hopes are misguided.

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And I have only Heartbreaker challenges, not Heartbreaker #2, which should stand right beside the Heartbreaker, don’t they?

The Heartbreaker #2 challenges don’t show it as #2… At least I think.

The challenges in the first Heartbreaker ET are separate from the ones in the current version. I checked out the Heartbreaker 2 page and both those ET challenges were marked as “uncompleted” even though I already finished one of them in the first Heartbreaker round (which I also checked, and it is still marked complete)

Dedicated Work by @Count.Rushmore :pray: as always, arranging the submissions and keeping the track. Hope you decide to submit a contract in FC one day :smiley:

I’m not a contract creator, but sometimes some interesting idea comes to my mind, though it stays only like an idea :slight_smile:
Maybe, one day, maybe :slight_smile:

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All Featured Contracts List

The list contains all Featured Contracts available in HITMAN 3 sorted by location, kill conditions, restrictions, etc.

To make it work as intended, you need to download it, enable editing and enable content when correspodning warnings will pop.

Download here:

ICA Facility 4 Hawke’s Bay 6 Dubai 23
Paris 28 Miami 32 Dartmoor 33
Sapienza 38 Santa Fortuna 26 Berlin 21
Marrakesh 15 Mumbai 22 Chongqing 31
Bangkok 17 Whittleton Creek 32 Mendoza 21
Colorado 10 Isle of Sgàil 27 Ambrose Island 10
Hokkaido 19 New York 31
Haven Island 24
131 200 139

Updated: 17.10.2023