Features in 2016 that aren't working anymore?

Rn I only have the 2016 Hitman and not the Hitman 3 version of it so I’m trying to remember all of the things that I can do that most people don’t know

Legshots work from what I understand although it’s harder to tell since there’s no SA tracker which I do miss a lot.

Fetch tricks work better than they do now

Fire extinguishers are lethal, hurray. Overall much more people in Hitman 3 get knocked out when they’re close to an explosive and they don’t now

Good ol CJ tricks with the breaching charge, coins and explosive phones that I rarely see nowadays

From what I remember keeping SA when targets notice you was a Hitman 2 thing and it’s not here

Anything else I’m forgetting?

I don’t think anyones missing that so good

Some of us would still like to have the option to get frisked while carrying illegal items. But for what use? I can only think to increase the fun one might have. :joy:


Can’t even fight while being frisked anymore as well :cry:


Causing the Paris evacuation without killing crowd NPCs.

Electrocuting Big One.


As a punishment for the player’s mistake. I know, I know, most players already have a better/faster route and/or a way of bypassing the frisks, but there are still those of us who are in it for the immersion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The explosive phone had a much longer range. You used to be able to lure Ken Morgan all the way up to Dexy’s room from the first floor (like I do in this vid around 4:18), doesn’t work anymore. Kind of ruined the phone imo, which was always a staple of mine.


Wdym with the evacuation

You can get all crowd NPCs run out of the building and put the building in a permanent alarm. In h2016 you just had to cause an explosion in hearing range of the crowd (even outside crowd). Now you have to kill crowd NPCs to cause this, making this strategy useless for SA runs.

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