February Roadmap - Initiation Protocol (2021)

I think I’m the only one that usually likes re-skins, better than nothing and they still look pretty cool

Or maybe i’m just a hitman shill :stuck_out_tongue:

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But the beauty of the pen is you can also poison drinks without needing a disguise and without arousing suspicion. It’s a two-in-one.

This basically allows you to speed run Drinks Poison strats without distraction.



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Yeah that’s what it says in the flavor text if I recall “Poison drinks without arousing suspicion or needing a disguise”… or something like that.

Source: Hitman 3: The Best Weapons & Gear To Unlock First | Mastery Guide - Gameranx

Unless Gameranx is wrong of course…

EDIT: Oh wait what?? Lol, I took way too long typing out this comment, I didn’t see Soup responded.
Okay, so if it’s another vial type of item that also doesn’t raise suspicion, that’s cool. Still doesn’t solve the fact that we’re getting another one soon, but okay.

I like the reskins, I’m fine with it, (even the added Emetic Grenade in the upcoming escalation), but I’m just kinda annoyed that – 1. as a part of this new slate of Hitman 3 item reskins we get a Emetic Pen Syringe. Okay, cool. Unique looking item and very spy-like.

2.Soon after launch, we get a special Deluxe escalation that comes with some new items. One of those is another pen, but… It’s also Emetic! Why not Lethal? Why not Sedative? It feels very redundant and unnecessary, since that exact type of reskin and version of poison is already in the base game.

what the hell, I scrolled through the entire Hitman Memes thread and didn’t find a single IOI-related variant of this meme? Shame on you, community.


I see even the Emetic Grenade is actually available now under Escalation tracks:

It’s also nice if you’re going for a bit of a theme when playing but don’t want to fully sacrifice usefulness for aesthetic, I don’t like the term but I guess you’d call it roleplaying, I can see it getting annoying after awhile though.

Meh, excited for FCs as always, but that’s weird that they’re not all community ones.

I could care less about the ninja suit, I like the Signature Look suits or the casual ones, YMMV. Maybe it looks better in game?

Unlocks are boring at best and ETs have never done anything for me besides unlock cool suits :laughing:

February is going to be a lot of fun!

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It’s not a vial. You can’t poison food/drinks with it. It’s a reskin of the syringe and it’s just as suspicious when injecting someone.

It’s a fourth emetic syringe… and uh, soon we’ll have five. :roll_eyes:

EDIT: What I mean about the ninja suit is that it’s the same model as the one in Hokkaido.

Whereas in the original, it was actually a snow camo combat uniform with a bulletproof vest.


Good…Glad I did not buy Deluxe. :stuck_out_tongue:

They are allowed to do this type of Ninja rehashing… but I think they blew their load on that one. The whole Ninja thing is better spent in some kind of 4 mission campaign that parodies H2SA’s Hayamoto story arc and Sho Kosugi ninja movies:

In another thread, and with mixed reception from my peers, I suggested that after all these Providence/ICA conspiracy plots, HITMAN could use a story that was simply about Assassins competing to be the best after the collapse of the “old system”.

This whole Ninja thing, culminating in a showdown between 47 and the story’s equivalent of Sho Kosugi would have been awesome (to me… my peer group thought it was dumb).

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I mean people have been asking for a ninja suit anyway. And the most iconic thing about the ninja from H2SA is the goggles. It’s really nitpicking at this point, one ninja cosmetic looks the same as another? Colour me surprised.

But it really disappointed me to try using the pen syringe as a vial too and it not working. That’d automatically make it better if it worked as a vial and syringe. It wouldn’t be too far off from the poison dagger, except non-lethal this time. Can only hope this one that’s an unlock uses that idea.


The question is, will it use the lines they recorded for the Ninja outfit?


Except it wasn’t, 3 “Ninja” Outfits exist in this level. The Tower Sniper Ninjas, The Grey Vest ID Checkers Ninjas of Doom, and the Black Bouncy Sword Ninjas.


The outfit is based off of the the tower snipers and it was never intended to be a beat to beat remake of the disguise and are nothing more than a reimagining similar to Anthony Martinez Suit and the Triad Suit.

I am almost certain it will be referenced in the description of the Suit.


I just checked, and the ICA Emetic Pen Syringe is not a two-in-one. Can’t poison any drinks with it. It’s just a Syringe.


Damn, you got his ass. I didn’t even realise that when I was replying to him, I just didn’t care about the details.

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I’m very passionate about this series, it’s items and disguises. Hidden Valley I may not like the level but I know what’s in it and where.

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What if the emetic pen was throwable like the explosive pen

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That’d be neat. Unfortunately unlocking it WITH the grenade kind of destroys that theory.

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