[Feedback] Prestige Campaigns

What do you think - if Freelancer achieve a good review, maybe IO Interactive will create a special DLC with Prestige Campaings, which would work exacly that same but have own written story, with own unique syndicates and leaders connected with specyfic objectives suited for whole campaign - think about this like a campaign Patient Zero where you track cultist and destroy virus. Each Leader would have a unique look like these from Elusive Targets.

These special Campaigns would have a new methods of aproach to target (think about Undying and that you could make a specjal interaction with him or all these Special Assigments). For completing that campaign - player will have a unique reward a legendary weapon or new item that couldn’t be optained in other way.
These unlocks would be thematically related to the campaign. For example Campaign with “Ether” and new unlock would be a vial with virus, that spread on other NPC and make them seduced or go vomit. That would be called a “Legendary Unlocks”. Wouldn’t be that cool? (this is just an example, I don’t actualy see it very usefull tho).

Would you be willing to pay for such a dedicated DLC with “Prestige Campaign”? What do you think about it?


So, an actual “canon” Freelancer mission with particular targets and objectives instead of randomly shuffled ones, but accessible through Freelancer mode instead of the main campaign?

To me it does not make a lot of sense. Freelancer has been inspired by roguelike, why going back to story mode? In any case we don’t even know if there will be a season 3, and IOI main focus will be 007 Project.

Inspired by roguelike doesn’t mean it’s beholden to it. In fact, I would rather a version Freelancer explicitly not based around this whole roguelike thing, making this suggested campaign sound a bit promising.

When you compare the Seven Deadly Sins and Freelancer, Seven Deadly Sins was paid DLC and Freelancer is a free update.

The Seven Deadly Sins was obviously designed to make a quick profit after the overwhelming sales after Hitman 3 release.

Freelancer has been longtime coming and I think that IOI is hoping to attract a large player base for Freelancer, and then maybe consider building upon it. I assume that IOI will wait to see how popular Freelancer is first.

I am sure that IOI have considered releasing a full Freelancer type campaign as paid DLC, adding a storyline such as the Patient Zero Campaign. I think that the fact that Freelancer is a free add-on and they went through a closed beta test first, suggest that IOI might be betting on a future with Hitman in Freelancer.

And I don’t mind change it. Just imagine - you start standard Freelnacer campaign, but instead choose one of premade sheets - there is a additional Prestige Campaign, which also have 18 contracts splited to 4 Showdowns and 14 Territory Takedowns. But in this situation - you have very specific obiectives each contract created around “story” - so each Showdown is connected with some lore aspects and leaders have dedicated look - for example:

Prestige Campaign: The Lee Hong Assassination
Territory: Bangkok, Hokkaido, Miami, Mumbai, New York, Heaven Island, Chongqing, Ambrose Island

Your obiective is to assassinate a Lee Hong but you don’t know where he is and how he looks. So at start of campaign you choose one from three premade Sheets: Blue Lotus, Red Dragon and Police.
Let say you first choose Blue Lotus, so next 1-3 conctrats is based on killing triad members and collecting a PDA from them to gather more information about their leader. In Showdown you need to get close to Blue Lotus leader. Each PDA gives you a some sort information about Blue Lotus Leader - so from each contract you know much more about hes ID. After you kill Blue Lotus leader - that triggers a next step in story, and depends which of triads you eliminate first - story will go in different direction. Each fraction will have a different objectives around their buisness.

Blue Lotus Syndicate
Territory: Bangkok, Hokkaido, Heaven Island, Chongqing

A trade corporation which runs a restaurants, so mostly you’ll have objectives like: Poison target, eliminate Restaurant Staff, kill civils with poisoning meals so it put to end a Restaurant buisness for Blue Lotus.

Red Dragons Syndicate
Territory: Hokkaido, Mumbai, Ambrose Island, Chongqing

Specialise in human trafficking and weapon dealing, so some of obiectives would be - steal weapons, relase prisoners, expose their deals by stealing documents.

Police Departament Syndicate
Territory: Miami, New York, Hokkaido, Chongqing

Hacking laptop for gather info, killing members of other triads in public, making a photos of member of police when they meet and give bribe etc.

Lee Hong Syndicate
Territory: Hokkaido, Chongqing, Mumbai, Miami

After killing all leaders of triads - you gather enough information from them about Lee Hong how he looks, where he is - so you need first eliminate hes Security officers and in last Showrun - kill him when you know how he looks.

For completing each Showdown - you gain specific outfit as reward (Blue Lotus, Red Dragon, Police Officer), but after killing Lee Hong - and completing campaign, your reward would be a Lee Hong Sword - Legendary item and maybe some dedicated decorations for safehouse as a trophy of your progress.

After you fail or cancel campaign you can always choose a standard campaigns instead of Prestige one. Each Prestige Campaign would be a separate DLC. For exampel - next time maybe related with Delgado Cartel with own story, cutscenes and legendary rewards.

Basicly my idea behind Prestige Campaings is a Freelancer mode but build around specific characters, story nad lore with dedicated rewards and unique NPCs. After you complete that while campaign once - players may use these Blue Lotus, Red Dragon sheets in normal Freelancer campaign - as one of options when choosing syndicates.

…So…Story missions?

20 story missions