Feeding the birds challenge bug

There was a topic about this created shortly before the forum reboot, hoping to bring some more attention to it and possibly resolve it or find a workaround.

Playing on PS4 trying to complete all Mumbai challenges, the only one left is Feeding the Birds, which will then complete Culinary Trip as well.

During the mission, challenge progress is tracked with pop-ups as usual, when checking challenge status at the end of the mission, standing at an exit, but before leaving, it shows as complete. However, once the mission is exited, the challenge does not save as complete. This has happened on a couple of other challenges throughout the game (I can’t recall which specific ones) but the community has always come up with a workaround.

I have done a bit of research and found a couple of ideas. One suggested that doing any saving/loading bugs it, and another suggested that using an emetic item that was released after the release of this challenge pack bugs it.

I have just completed the challenge, and mission, with no loadout, from the default starting location, using only rat poison picked up in level, in a single continuous playthrough. It still didn’t save the challenge progress after exiting the mission.

Any ideas on what to try next?


Im also on ps4, just tried this (Seiker and mine). Challenge popped in game, didn’t save.

Next thing im going to try is waiting for H3.

Yeah, waiting for H3 may be the only fix. I hope not though, no idea when I’ll actually play that one…

Exactly the same for me , so frustrating to not get 100% before H3

I can confirm that bug aswell… it shows completed in the actual game but as soon you complete the mission it isn’t completed anymore.

Same on ps5 as well. Get completed in game, not in the menu. Frustrating!!

Anyone tried this in Hitman 3 yet?

Same here with Feeding The Birds.

Are you playing it in Hitman 3 or Hitman 2?

Same issue here. Really really annoying, I’ve been completing every challenge as I go only to stumble into this.

@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI Are there any plans to fix this bug? At the moment, it’s impossible to complete The Culinary Trip, so I cannot get the reward. It’s been like this for almost a year now. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Is there any hope IOI will ever fix this? Of course the support for Hitman 2 ended and problems like NPCs glitching through ceilings and stuff like that won’t get fixed. But the bug with this challenge seems to be a problem with the communication between client and server and it initially worked till they kinda broke it with some update in December '20. So this should not a big thing to fix and you could at least expect that they offer some kind of a workaround


Nope, I sent them a support ticket about this in November, and someone from IOI replied that they’re not going to fix it.
That person also said the workaround is to get the free HITMAN 3 starter pack and to import the HITMAN 2 locations to HITMAN 3.

Is it true that someone at IOI said that they are not going to fix this bug?
If this is true, then IOI has too much disregard for the users.
HITMAN2 is still a regular product in 2022, and of course you can still buy it at full price.
It’s crazy that they continue to sell a game that can’t be 100% challenged for over a year.
It’s just too arrogant to suggest that people should buy HITMAN 3 because it’s already on sale.
Just because there is HITMAN3, it doesn’t mean that users who buy HITMAN2 now should be neglected.
If that’s what IOI really said, I’m disappointed.
And now even in HITMAN3, I can’t complete the “I Find This Amoosing” challenge on Dartmoor.
Will IOI repeat this foolishness and leave it again when 007 is released?
If that is indeed the case, then IOI must be a stupid manufacturer.
I love the HITMAN game series, but I’m fed up with the developers’ lax attitude toward bugs, and it’s a shame.
It’s a shame, because they are making a very interesting game.


Your critique has truth in it, but I think what you write here is a very big overkill.

Really now, let’s be honest… this is a VERY VERY tiny bug. It’s not game-breaking. So miniscule, that it actually doesn’t break anything. Game won’t crash, level doesn’t quit, nothing of the sort.

In IOI’s defense: I have about 200 hours in Htiman 2, and here’s my list of serious bugs:

  • 1 crash on the Mumbai level.
  • 2 issues where somehow the target (instead of walking to the toilet when poisoned) started to walk off the map… and nothing could stop them :smiley: Especially not walls and buildings :smiley:

So… the game is generally in a very stable condition I think. I’m sure if something serious comes around, they’ll fix it.

As for this… what doesn’t work here:

  • You miss out on 1(actually 2) challenges. (but in your heart you know you completed is, that that matters mostly)
  • You can’t unlock a dagger or something… there are 30 others :smiley:

Yes, I also aim for 100% competiton. And no… I don’t care much. Why? Because this is JUST a game :smiley:

Chill, man :smiley:
As a software engineer I have an insight of how a release looks like in a company. How much testing it requires. (even if it’s only a server-side thing, like this seems to be)

“I’m fed up with the developers’ lax attitude toward bugs, and it’s a shame”
These are really good games. What matters, works very well :slight_smile:

I agree, it IS a shame :frowning:
But it’s really not a very big problem.

It is an issue… I wouldn’t have found this topic otherwise… but knowing that it’s not only me… it’s enough for me. It’s still an awesome game!

Most developers do a much worse job with other games…

Check the stability of a random Bethesda game for example. Even 10 years after release :smiley:
OR Cyberpunk…
Do I need to continue? :smiley:

I’m an achievement-oriented user, and I tend to play games for the sense of accomplishment.
However, this game takes tens to hundreds of hours to complete.
And yet, I never reach 100%.
Think about it.
A puzzle you have purchased.
You have spent a lot of time putting it together, but no matter where you look, one piece of it is missing.
Doesn’t that make you feel sick?
I’m a user who is really bothered by this kind of thing.
In such a case, I would probably complain to the store where I bought the puzzle or the manufacturer and ask them to replace it with a product that has all the pieces.