Feeding The BirdsChallenge

They still have not fixed this? What is it going to take? This is awfully unfair.

This bug is fixed in Hitman 3. According to some members, someone from IOI’s support replied that they’re not going to fix it in Hitman 2. It’s unfair for Hitman 2-only players but you can grab Hitman 3’s starter pack for free and keep progressing in the latest game.

Hitman 2 will never get any updates again, you have to move to Hitman 3 if you want updates.

I am on PlayStation, it won’t let you play the first two even though I have both installed. It sucks.

They won’t just automatically unlock, there’s a process you need to follow (basically redeeming the free Access Passes from the PlayStation Store).

It says purchased and installed. For GOY, hitman 3 access hitman 2 gold, and legacy pack upgrade.

The “Feeding the Birds” challenge does not exist in Hitman 3, unfortunately.

I ran into the same problem a while back, when I played Hitman 2 and I also contacted IOI Support (in August 2021). But only got the same response as above: Hitman 2 is not supported any more and the bug will not be fixed.

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Doesn´t work cause non of the DLC challenges were transfered to H3. But the antique knife reward out of finishing culinary trip is available.
Does somebody know if it´s stock in H3 or matter of finishing the H2 DLC “culinary trip” ??