Fiberwire should be a permanent inventory item just like the previous games

Why IO made 47’s most iconic weapon a loadout thing? 47 should always carry his fiberwire with him. I mean the item is pretty useless already, you just go around snapping necks and is not worth the extra slot. So why don’t make it permanent anyways and bring this iconic item back to life?


I can understand why the coin is a loadout thing, it adds to the difficulty.

They make permanent and undroppable the very useless camera instead.
That’s how IOI works

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Agree, same as the lockpick imo, just like good old days :+1:

hmm having lockpick and coins permanently it will make the game easier, it’s a different story with fiberwire tho. The problem is neck snap have replaced fiberwire and by making it permanent to inventory might bring it to life.