Fire Accident Kills

Would like to know if anybody has ever managed to kill MORE than 2 targets AT ONCE with a fire accident? If so, please give details?

There’s always the Wicker Man easter egg. In a more practical way, I suppose you’d just have to lure the targets to an oil slick and shoot it.

Made a contract where I killed 3 targets at once in a fire accident. Just wanted to know if its been done before…

I don’t know if you count KO’d bodies piled up on/over the oil slick to see how many it kills - but I’m certain it’s been done many, many times.

If it’s non KO’d NPCs… That could involve a number of tricks, like detonating the flash phone, or the snail sedative proximity mine, or a bunch of coins… I couldn’t say whether it’s ever been done or not, but it’s not impossible.

Edit: a couple of these depend on bugs where an NPC will continue to try to pick them up after they’re already detonated.

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Nope, I’m talking about TARGETS. Usually in a contract. I haven’t seen a single Hitman video with something like that.

NPCs can be marked as targets and anything that applies to NPCs tends to also apply to targets.