First Impressions and Small Details

This is one of the very few complains I have with the game, that and cinematic briefings. Even during missions when Diana is not there to supervise and comment on your every move, they replace her with Grey and Olivia.

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I love her voice, tbh, i’m a Diana simp, so she can talk whatever he likes


First impressions good! It is what I’ve expected, a better version of the same game

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why would they get rid of the save loadout option


I’m losing it!.. they added an Easter egg in Hokkaido…

Go interact with a toilet… its amazing hahaha

Edit : it only seem to work in the empty cabin in the foyer bathroom

Edit 2 : nevermind! I’m dumb and I forgot that it was already there haha…

Is it just me or levels in Hitman 3 are callbacks to older hitman levels?


Everyone is a Providence member, kill them all, blood for the blood god, no worries about non-target kills. However, I think if you let a body be found you might not get Silent Assassin? I’ll have to try a few more times later to see why I only got 4/4.

Fucking phenomenal game, I honestly cant think of a single bad thing about any of the locations. GG IO :+1:


That sounds very promising. The best sound design so far for me was the summer breeze italian town festival in Landslide. I hope this is on par of even better :heart:


unbelievably cursed


Weird bug where a little white… thing appears on my guns. Seems to happen when I reload a save.


Just finished Dubai and Dartmoor, i don’t want spoilers about other locations, but… aren’t these two locations rather small compared to Hitman 2 and 1?

I mean, in Hitman 2 we had Mumbai and SF that are ridicously big, but then we had Isle of Sgail and Miami that are gigantic

Compared to those two, these feel more… in the vein of New York and Whittleton Creek

I feel we also lack some challenges… There a fewer than in other maps and even then some of those are just the shortcuts…

Livestreamed for 6 hours straight and completed the game.

SA in 5/6, SA/SO in 2, went John Wick mode in Chongquin :laughing:

Level Design - 10/10 Fucking PHENOMENAL (i’ll kiss every level designer, lighting artist at IO)
Sound Design (Music) - 9/10, Neils, you did it man, fucking amazing soundtrack LOVED IT!
Weapon Design/ Sounds - 8/10 Loved the new reload sounds, some added oomph to the headshots and other stuff

Overall, i’ll let the game sink in a bit more, but its the ultimate in the Trilogy. The game looks fucking beautiful, loved every single level! China and Berlin are my top 2 :love_letter:


Anyone else having a weird glitch in the laundromat in Chongqing? some of the washing machines haven’t loaded in correctly, I saw this on both of my runs on this map so it might be a bug


Did anyone played the maps from H1 and H2 already? Is the lighting and visuals much improved?

Same here. Had the round laundry drum things floating in midair without the rest of the machines.


Berlin had a weird glitch where activating the rigged light show cause my game to crash and it kicks me back to the PS4 menu. Anyone else had this happen to them?

47’s running animation with a pistol equipped doesn’t look nearly as cool as it did in H2016 or even H2.
Looks like he’s just running normally with a pistol in his hand and you can barely see it from behind.

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first impression after playing about 10 minutes. Too buggy, I’ll wait this one out for a month or so. Crashed a couple times in China when subduing, missing table top in the Wet Cat laundry, woman suspended in mid air in the same laundry, spotted through a wall, shot an killed all in the first 5 minutes. Could not get online of course. Back to Hitman 2 which I haven’t finished anyway. Sad thing, I totally expected all of this , it’s become so common with games.


that’s the new PVC float-a-scope mk3.